Shopping at Buc-ee’s

buc-ee's store front

Have you ever shopped at Buc-ee’s? I know... there are some of you that think that Buc-ee’s is a gas station that has great food and the cleanest public bathrooms in Texas. And you would be correct. BUT… shopping at Buc-ee’s is  also a great place to shop for just about everything you could imagine from fire pits to t-shirts to home decor.

We recently met on of our sons at a Buc-ee’s  about an hour from our home.

Of course, I made sure we had a little extra time to browse through all the shopping goodness.

mudpie pottery

The main reason that I started “shopping” at Buc-ee’s was their huge supply of Mud Pie.

Mud Pie is truly one of my favorite lines.

This time around I found the cutest measuring spoons.

shopping at But-ees

I’m obsessed with these sweet little glass jars.

Those glass knobs on top are just the cutest!

I had no idea what I would do with them, so I left them at the store, but I keep coming back to their cuteness.

My brain is on overload thinking how I could use them.


I also saw this line of pottery that was super pretty!

That butter dish is just the sweetest.

Round Top decor items

They also have a good collection of Round Top items.

Also a favorite of mine.

As I was taking this photo, The Hubs walked up and asked what I was going to do with them.

My reply: ” I have no idea, but they sure are pretty!”

That earned me a huge eye roll.

crown wine glass

Anyone who knows me well knows that I will find a crown if there’s one to be found.

These wine glasses were calling to me from the moment I walked in!

Mama loves her some shiny.


You can’t get much more southern than this, or more accurate.

Too stinking cute.

design book

Honestly, I have no idea what the inside of this book looks like, but if it’s as pretty as the outside I feel as if we all need a copy. They had me at the hydrangeas.

And that blue…


I have to say that if there were any negatives to shopping at Buc-ee’s – other than the huge amount of people who are always there – it would be that these beautifully colored bins were a display and not for sale!

They were in several places around the store.

Which had me running around to all of them looking for a price tag.

I was like a spider monkey jacked up on Mt. Dew.

Sadly, a worker asked if he could help me and I was emphatically told that they were not for sale.

At this point The Hubs escorted me from the store ending my shopping adventure.

If you get a chance to shop at Buc-ee’s, GO!

Until next time…


shopping at but-ees

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  1. Girl you are showing me so much temptation!! There’s a Buc-ees just about 20 minutes from our house but I never go there. Might need to add that to the agenda. 🙂

    1. Stacey it’s worth the trip if nothing else but to window shop! They have a huge fountain drink area too…

  2. I NEVER pass up a Buc-ee’s! I love shopping there, too! (Even Milt likes Buc-ee’s) We like it for different reasons, though. Milt likes the large soda fountain area, their chocolate chip cookies, the sandwiches and the t-shirts. I love Buc-ee’s for the housewares, t-shirts, and just wondering around looking at EVERYTHING! (And yes…they have very clean restrooms!)

    1. My boys like the 100 ( okay I might be exaggerating a bit) of beef jerky. Love the clean restrooms, but for me it’s the housewares, hands down!

    1. You definitely need to stop. It has more types of beef jerky and the Beaver nuggets are pretty good if you like sweet stuff. But I always love to shop just a little if nothing else for ideas!

  3. I LOVE ME SOME BUC-EE’S! Going again today. Not for the clean bathrooms or the pink peanut patties (that’s the Mister, way to sweet for me) but for the decor! I hope to find a couple of white pieces to go on our kitchen shelves. Plus I haven’t been in the newest one yet. I’m lucky – we have one 10 minutes away and another 25 minutes in the other direction plus we stop at the one in Madisonville each time we head down to the house in Navasota. People just don’t know what they are missing if they haven’t spent time in a Buc-ee’s! Pinned 😉

    1. I am so jealous Cindy! I think The Hubs would move us to another state if we lived that close to not one but two stores! lol We met our son in Enis. He was headed to Houston. First time I’ve been in that one…. Closest is an hour from me, sadly. We always stop at the one on 35 when we head to Bastrop. Enjoy your shopping, hope you find the perfect white pieces!

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