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Hey, friends! Welcome to this months DIY Challenge. This month Terrie from Decorate and More With Tip challenged us to create a high end dupe. What’s a high end dupe? In my house it’s basically making something that is way out of your budget or something that you think you can make rather than spend a large amount of money on. So what’s my high end dupe? It’s a monogramed wastebasket.

If you are coming here from Liberty’s at B4 and After, welcome! I’m so glad that you are here!

monogramed wastebasket

That’s right, you read wastebasket.

Which for me is a fancy trashcan.

I recently saw this bathroom wastebasket and fell in love with it.

Until I saw the price.

It was $80.00 before the monogram.

Nope.  It’s not a huge amount of money, but more than I’m willing to spend for a trashcan.

However it occurred to me that it wouldn’t be too difficult to make my own.

silver trashcan

I started searching on-line for one with a similar shape.

However, I couldn’t find one that I really liked in that shape.

This is the sad stainless steel one that has been in my guest bath for awhile now.

I figured if I were going to buy one of similar shape I might as well use this one instead of buying a new one.

trash can

Plus, somehow something got spilled on the inside that refuses to come off.

Believe me, I’ve tried everything.

So, if I messed it up, no big.

silver trashcan

Step 1

I cleaned the stainless steel trashcan with hot soap and water.

Once it had dried thoroughly, I wiped it down with alcohol.

painted wastebasket

Step 2

Give the trashcan several coats of gold metallic spray paint.

The trick here for nice even coverage is to do several light coats until you have reached the desired coverage.

Let dry overnight.

gold trashcan

Step 3

Tape off the areas that you want to remain gold.

For my trashcan, I wanted the top 1/2 inch and the bottom pedestal to be gold.

Then give the trashcan several light coats of white spray paint.

white and gold wastebasket

Step 4

Remove the tape immediately after the last coat of white spray paint.

I cannot stress how important this step is!

If you leave the tape on overnight while the paint is drying you run the risk of the paint peeling off.

Let the white spray paint dry overnight.

At this point, inspect the trashcan to see if it needs any paint touch ups.

transferring monogram

Step 5

I decided to go with a double wedding monogram just like my high end wastebasket had.

To do this, I went online and found a style of font similar to the one on the wastebasket, printed each letter out.

Once I had the letters printed, using tracing paper, I laid traced the letter L, then laid the traced letter on top of the second printed letter and traced that.

This made my double monogram.

Use transfer or carbon paper to transfer your monogram onto your trashcan.

gold paint

Step 6:

Using gold metallic paint and a small liner brush, I painted in my monogram.

It took me 4 coats to get the metallic paint thick enough that I couldn’t see through it.

Be sure to make as smooth of strokes as possible, to ensure a smooth finish.

This was my first coat.

As you can see it’s pretty transparent and my strokes aren’t that smooth.

The uneven strokes caused me to have to put more layers of paint on than I would have liked.


top coat on wastebasket

Step 7

To protect both the inside and outside of the wastebasket, I spayed several coats of Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze on it.


monogramed wastebasket

And this is the finished monogramed wastebasket.

Not too shabby if I do say so myself!

The best part?

I cost me nothing as I already had everything on hand.

Now, please join me in visiting Terrie at Decorate and More With Tip and all of my other fellow bloggers to see what wonderful upscale dupes they created.

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monogramed wastebasket

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  1. Wow, Tammy! This is gorgeous! What a creative way to knock-off a wastebasket! It really looks classy and quite chic!

  2. What a cute wastebasket! I can’t imagine paying $80 for one, either. I just use old popcorn tins for trash cans, and I always line them with shopping bags. Your double monogram is fancy!

    1. Thanks Trinity! I have to admit that I had to look up the double monogram and it’s meaning. I’ve always seen a triple monogram. Guess I’m not as fancy as the monogram…lol!

  3. Tammy, you win. This is my favorite. I honestly thought it was the real thing from Southern Hospitality Company. It turned out so pretty. Love that you didn’t spend a penny. Your guests will be so impressed.

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