Solo Cup Holder

It’s 10 on the 10th! Every month on the 10th, a group of lifestyle bloggers get together and share ideas for under $10.00. This month’s theme is Summer Party! While there haven’t been a ton of parties going on here at the Castle, there have been a few small gatherings. And one thing that always makes me crazy is that the solo cups get knocked over and you can never find where someone left the Shapie marker. So I’m taking matters into my own hands and making a Solo cup holder!

wooden box

Normally I would have The Hubs make a box for me, however I found this box at Hobby Lobby.

With my 40% off coupon it cost $4.79!

wood filler, wooden box

Before painting the box, I filled the staple holes with wood filler.

wooden box, glue, beads

I added feet to the bottom of the box by gluing on 4 wooden beads.

Don’t you just love E6000 glue?

It works on almost everything!

wooden box with metal clip

Next, I attached a metal clip to the outside of the box to hold my Sharpie.

No more excuses as to where the elusive marker went!

white spray paint

Once the glue and the wood filler was dry, I gave it a light sanding.

Then it was time to paint.

cutting a dowel rod

At this point I could have called it good and been done.

However, I saw that there was room in the back of the box for straws.

I cut a dowel rod the width of the box interior.

painting a dowel rod

Once the dowel rod was in place, I painted it white to match the box.

solo cup holder

This solo cup holder is finished and ready to party!

I’m thrilled that the glasses have a home and hopefully we won’t be on a constant hunt for a marker!

$10 on the 10th

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  1. How clever is this!!! This is a must at any type of party. We do this at family gatherings all the time. This holder is something I am pinning to make for all of my family for a gift. Thanks for sharing Tammy I love it!!!

    1. Thank you so much Terrie! We’ve only used it once, but it sure did a great job of keeping everything organized. Can’t wait to use it when The Hubs family come over, with close to 35 of them organization is key! lol!

    1. Thanks Ann, I think the missing marker makes me crazier than the cups getting knocked over! lol It’ the little things.

    1. I used to have a friend that on every election year she would beg us to write her name in. She claimed that If she could run a household full of kids, she could fix all of the nation’s problems in a week! Right about now I’m thinking she may be right! lol

  2. Great idea, Tammy!! Solo cups do get knocked over (or blown over) a lot; always had that happen there by our pool in Cali as we lived on a hill and the backyard was a funnel for wind. 😉 Hope your Solo cup holder gets lots of use very soon!

    Barb 🙂

    1. Barbara you know it will get a lot of use! We used to live in Oklahoma, which I swear is the wind tunnel capital of America! I can see where your living on a hill could cause some real wind problems though!

    1. It was a happy accident. So glad there was room to add the straws as we love our straws here at the Castle!

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