How To Host A Virtual Pokeno Party

Once thing that I’ve truly missed since the Corona Virus showed up is Pokeno night. So much so, that I figured out how to host a virtual Pokeno party!

Before I share how we did it virtually, let me give you some background on how we normally do it.

There are 12 members in our group, each member is in charge of hosting one time each year.

The hostess is responsible for providing her home for the game and dinner.

Each member brings a $25.00 gift that is wrapped in a black trash bag.

After dinner, we play 12 rounds of Pokeno.

Whoever wins a round chooses a bag, opens it and if they love it, pray that no-one wants to steal it in round 2!

Then we play 12 more rounds, with the winners stealing gifts from other members.

Now here’s how to do it virtually.

Step 1.

You will need to use an on-line platform that allows you to have several members on-line at once.

We used Zoom.

One of our members signed up and is in charge of “hosting” a Zoom meeting once the Pokeno hostess has chosen a date.

In our case, each member downloaded the Zoom AP to the digital device of their choice.

Our Zoom hostess sends out the meeting number and password to each member a few days before the Pokeno party.

Step 2.

The Pokenno hostess sends out an invitation to the members of the group.

The invitation includes the date of the party, supplies for each member to gather and a downloadable playing card.

Each member will need a card, (more on that in a minute) a deck of playing cards, card markers ( poker chips, pennies, beans etc) and a $25.00 gift card.

We decided that it would be simpler to buy a gift card and at the end of the night mail it to whomever ends up winning it, than trying to get $25.00 gifts delivered.

Step 3.

Now it’s simply a matter of everyone gathering supplies, buying a gift card and signing in to play!

pokeno game card, playing cards and chips

How To Host A Virtual Pokeno Party:

I mentioned above that the hostess will need to send out digital Pokeno cards to each member.

I simply scanned the cards from my game into my computer and randomly chose a card that was then sent to each member to print off for play.

However, I realize that you may not have cards or a scanner so you can download cards here.

Each hostess will need a few things that will help her keep track of who wins what prize, who stole what prize and at the end of the night who ended up winning the prize.

Confused yet?

The first thing you will need is a sign up sheet.

As each member logs on for the game, assign them a number and write their name next to that number.

Make sure that each player knows what number that they were assigned.

Then start playing the game.

Pokeno Party round 1 sheet

When the first member wins, she picks a number between 1 and 12.

Let’s say she chooses 4, then 4 is removed from the numbers and the next winner chooses between 1 and 12 with the 4 taken out of the mix.

You continue to do this until all numbers are chosen.

As each number is chosen you will write down who won round 1, what number they chose and what gift card is attached to that number.


Tammy wins and chooses gift number 5.

You write down Tammy’s name next to the round number, gift number 5 which is a gift card to Home Goods.

In essence this sheet keeps track of who won that game and what gift she has won.

Pokeno Party Round 2

Time for Round 2, which is the round where you steal!

At this point, you play the game the exact same way with one exception.

Instead of a winner choosing a number they are choosing a specific gift card.

Nobody expects everyone to remember what gift cards are out there, so the hostess is responsible for giving her a list of available cards.

More than one Home Goods card?

Remember that the cards were assigned numbers?

The hostess will ask the winner to choose between #11 Home Goods and #8 Home Goods.

This is an easy way for the winner will choose who to steal the gift cards from.

At the end of the final 12 rounds, whatever gifts you have won you get to keep.

The final step in hosting is for you to give everyone the name of the person who won the card that they bought.

The members are then responsible for mailing – or dropping off – the cards they purchased to the person who won the card.

Sound hard and confusing?

Trust me, it really is pretty simple once you get used to they system.

The key is writing everything down and having FUN!

Our group loves it!

While it’s not quite as good as being with each other in person, I hope that by sharing how to host a virtual Pokeno party, it will make being able to get together a little easier!



  1. When I first read the title, I was like – what is Pokeno and why does a grown woman want to play with Pokemon stuff? LOL. Not kidding. You are so fun. I wish we lived close to each other. I’d come over and use your craft room everyday and we’d have so much fun!

    1. It’s very fun! This Group has been together more than 20 years. Love getting together more than playing the game.

    1. Awwww… what great memories! I never knew what Pokeno was until I moved to Texas many years ago. We do have a lot of fun playing!

  2. Yes, this was a family Friday tradition in New Orleans. Thanks for the virtual tips. I was searching for a way to offer to my family.

    1. Yay! I’m glad I could give you a few ideas. Our group has been doing this now for a few months and while it’s not the same as being together, it certainly is better than not seeing each other at all. I love that it’s a Friday tradition in your family. How fun!

  3. Hi! my group plays every Sunday with $40, we wear face mask and are sitting 6ft apart. we play on a 75″ screen TV we pull up a deck of playing cards shuffle and start our game we have never miss a game except if one of us is sick we don’t play or if some of us go out of town we won’t play. I have invented a Super POKENO every 3mos we play Super POKENO. There are 10 of us we lost 2 of our members before the pandemic. your game sounds interesting I will talk to my group about trying it. Oh we also pick up X amount of dollars for the homeless which we feed every Saturday even during the heavy pandemic and only one of our members have had Covid and we didn’t play then. Each member is responsible for food and all of the games are held at my house.

    1. Isn’t Pokeno fun? Playing on a TV screen sounds amazing and I love that you gather money for the homeless! Great idea!

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