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So I am doing a little Halloween decor tweaking.  If you saw my earlier post on decorating my halloween table you saw that I decided to  put purple and orange fiesta plates on it.  And it was cute.  However, I still felt like something was missing.  My white plates.  I LOVE white.  Always have and probably always will. But when I put the white plates on the table the white just seemed …too white.  So how to make them work with the table?   Vinyl cutouts!

Here is what you need:


spooky plate 4


1. White plates of your choice.


spooky plate 3


2. Vinyl cutouts.  I just used my Cricut machine and black vinyl to make some spooky cutouts to stick on the plate. So easy!  Just cut out, peel and stick!


spooky plate 1


Almost too easy.  But the finished result is perfect.  I love that they look really cute and tie into the rest of my table!


spooky plates


I really LOVE them!  There are some pro’s and con’s.

Con?  Well you can’t eat off of them. If that bugs you, you might want to put the cutouts on a salad plate that is easily removed before eating.

Pro’s?  When I am done with the Halloween tablescape, I simply peel off the stickers and I have a beautiful white plate again. The vinyl leaves no sticky residue.  Woo Hoo!


1.  Don’t have a cricut?  You could always use contact paper and cut out your own design with scissors.

2.  Still too much work?  Use glass cling decorations.  You know… the kind you buy to put on glass doors?  They have them at Party city, WalMart, etc… economical and easy.  Win, win!


So there you have all of my ideas on plate decor, and this idea is not just for Halloween either.  Holidays, birthdays, showers…  You are only limited  by your imagination.

Until next time….


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