Spring at the Castle

It’s spring at the Castle. Finally! Spring is my favorite season, tied with summer. There are a couple of reasons that I love spring so much. First, my birthday is March 20, the first day of spring. Woo Hoo!


Second, after a long winter there is nothing like my garden blooming and all things spring making an appearance inside the castle.


I hear the word spring and I automatically start buying flowers for the garden.

I can’t help myself.

Aren’t these geraniums absolutely beautiful?

They were so pretty, I bought two!


The perennials in my garden are starting to bud and bloom.

These strawberries are taking over this bed!

We will be eating them soon and I can’t wait. Nothing like fruits and veggies grown in your own garden!

spring at the castle

Inside the castle, I’m breaking out the chicks and bunnies.

This arrangement will find a home on the dining room table.

easter tablescape

Hands down, this is my favorite bunny ever!

Every year I put him on the kitchen table.

That way I can look at him all of the time. He just makes me smile.

easter egg in egg cup

Don’t you just love Easter eggs?

My boys are grown and gone. One of the things I really miss is decorating and hunting eggs.

Next best thing?  Put eggs all over the house in my decor!

When I think about it, I have to admit that it’s kind of like my own personal Easter egg hunt. I keep forgetting where I put them. Days after I put the Easter decor away, I’ll be finding them in out of the way places.

I don’t worry about myself at all!

rabbit salt and pepper shakers

More bunnies on the hutch!

easter chick

Isn’t this the cutest Easter chick?

You know I couldn’t resist it since it was wearing a crown. It fits right in here at the castle!

easter chalk board

My last nod to spring at the castle is decorating my chalkboard.

It just wouldn’t be Spring without it!

Happy Spring, y’all!

Until next time….





    1. Stacey if we didn’t have littles in and out of the house I probably wouldn’t do the small amount of Easter that we do. My boys are 35 and 33! I KNOW they don’t miss the eggs at all, but I still make Honey bunnies and would complain loudly if I didn’t make those. lol

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