A Little of This A little of that

When I sat down to write the post for today I realized something. I have been working hard here at the Castle, but haven’t finished one large project! I’ve been doing a little of this a little of that.

A little of this a little of that

The projects are all small. Some are unfinished. Many make me smile, some make me laugh!

So grab something cold to drink and take a look at a little of this a little of that!

little bunny on the front porch

Remember my front door bunny? My BFF Roxanne made one for herself!

door wreath

I just had to share! Did she do a great job or what? I love those Ranunculus!

A little of this A little of that

I was recently at Costco and found these beautiful plants.

Not only are they pretty, but they had a great price tag too.


The lavender topiaries look awesome in the pots in front of my plant shed.

I can’t wait for the plants at the bottom grow and spill out.


I was at Walmart a few days ago and they were putting out these beautiful Pioneer Woman placemats.

Girls! They rocked my dining rooms world. They match my dining room perfectly.

And if that wasn’t enough, they are reversible AND they have Pompoms!

The placemat perfecta! Now I’m praying they have co-ordinating napkins.

navy door

I recently painted my front door. If you missed that, you can see it here. 

There was a ton of left over paint, so I decided to paint the back door!


This is the almost before.

I get so excited to do a project sometimes I forget to take a before picture.

It only took an hour and a half from start to finish to complete this project!

I still have a ton of left over paint!


So I painted the clock on the back porch. Sorry the picture is so bad!

I’m planning on painting two adirondack chairs and the inside of the front door with the leftover paint soon…

flowering shrub

The Hubs and I spent all day Saturday in the backyard cleaning out the beds.

We added mulch to the beds.

Then we sat down with a cold drink to enjoy all of the blooms.

First Patio sitting of the season.

Puxnhatawney Phil

My sister and I get a kick out of weird news stories.

In the past year we’ve laughed over the fish falling out of the sky hitting a woman on the head. A “Unicorn” that “ran amuck” down the highway and the naked woman stopping highway traffic and crawling up on a Semi to dance naked!

Our latest giggle came from this.

Seems the good people that are buried under snow are tired of winter.

The Sheriffs office of Monroe County has put out a BOLO for Punxsutawney Phil for deceiving the good people on the length of the winter season. Who knew Phil didn’t have any tattoos?

See? It has been a little of this a little of that here at the Castle.

Hopefully, I’ll quit giggling and get something done!

Until next time….



    1. Yes, we had a wonderful weekend. This is my favorite time of the year. Love the new growth, working in the garden and seeing all the awesome things everyone else has going on. It truly inspires me.

  1. Tammy, you really have been busy! I’m jealous of your outdoor weather. It’s been so rainy and just downright un-Spring like here, I haven’t gotten outside for ANY garden activity, let alone sitting. But I have been making the best of it with purging and replacing, lol. Just got back from a buying trip with sisters. 🙂
    Happy Easter, my friend.

    1. Happy Easter Rita! I hope that you had a great day. I total understand about the weather…. I thought that we were out of the cold weather, but no. Yesterday was COLD! Today it going to be 80. Such weird weather patterns this year. Here’s to hoping that beautiful spring weather finds you soon.

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