Spring Kitchen

Spring Kitchen

This past week  my friend Terrie from Decorate With Tip And More and I have been spring cleaning our kitchens. Now that they are squeaky clean, we thought that you might want to see our kitchens all clean and decorated for Spring. So here is my Spring kitchen!

Spring kitchen

I love it when my kitchen is super clean.

However, I don’t really LOVE cleaning.

It does feel super good to have it all clean and ready for Spring decor.

Blue and white kitchen decor

When I started putting my decor back into the kitchen, I felt the need to mix things up a little.

Of course, I still love my blue and white.

That’s not changing any time soon.

But I did feel the need to add in more warm wood tones and golds.

Kitchen decor on shelving

I didn’t buy a lot of new things, but instead  shopped my home to add in those elements.

This cute metal and wood stand had a lighter wooden top.

A little antique gel added to the top gave it the rich wood tones I was longing for.

Cutting boards

I feel like the rich wood tones and the golds make my blue and white pop in my kitchen.

Kitchen canisters

Lazy susan island decor

When we remodeled the kitchen a few years ago, the plan was to have a wooden island countertop.

However, there was a little miscommunication with the countertop people.

I came home to all quartz on all cabinets and island.

The hubs has said that if I really want the wood, he will remove the quartz and put in a wooden one for me.

Spring kitchen

I still want to add a few more new elements, however I’m content to take my time to find just the right pieces.

Until I find them I super happy with my Spring kitchen!

Don’t forget to head over to Terrie’s to see how she has decorated her kitchen for Spring!

Terrie's Spring kitchen

Decorate With Tip And More

Until next time…


Spring Kitchen

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  1. Your kitchen is beautiful. I love the blue & white. I like how you added the wood tones
    and gold. Good job

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