Sprucing Up The Patio

patio buffet

I am so excited that it’s time to  start sprucing up the patio! Or as we like to call it the “partio” . Although believe me, there is no partying going on! But it sure sounds more fun.

We bought this buffet from a local big box store.

It’s actually a tool box/ workbench for the garage, but It’s perfect for an outdoor buffet.

Even though it’s under the covered patio pergola, since it’s metal I don’t have to worry about it being in the elements.


I found this lantern at a local store for a steal.

To say that I was beyond excited was an understatement as I have been looking high and low for outdoor decor.

The pickins are slim this year.

I put it out on the buffet and quickly realized that it just blended in.

You couldn’t see it at all.

painting a lantern

So, I painted it white.sanding a lantern

Then distressed it a little so that the brown would lightly show through.

painted flower pot

Now I needed something to go in my lantern.

I could do an outdoor candle, however to get one big enough the cost was astronomical.

So I decided to put a colorful flower pot in it.

I painted this terra cotta pot.

spray painting flower pot saucer

Then sealed it with a couple of coats of triple thick.


Then it was time for the fun part.

The decorating!


lantern and flower pot

I put out my new lantern and painted flower pot.


buffet decor

On the opposite end of the buffet, I added a few other decor items.

Since this is near the pool, I added a fun metal piece to hold my sunscreen.

I think that it is suppose to hold silverware, but it works perfectly for the sunscreen too.

Patio buffet

I plan on putting a large shelf or mantle over the buffet in the future, however that won’t be happening anytime soon.

But the big, blank wall bare was bugging me.

Patio buffet

The solution?

These wood and metal candle holders.

While not perfect for this spot, they complete the decor of buffet area.

patio lantern

This buffet is going to be perfect to serve from this summer at family dinners, BBQ’s and swim parties.

Sprucing up the patio is so much fun, especially since we live on the patio in the summer.

I can’t wait to finish the rest of the patio.

Until next time…

Sprucing Up the patio

                                                            PIN for later!

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