The Great Pumpkin Part 2

Today I’m sharing the great pumpkin part 2 with you. It’s still hot here, but I’m dreaming of cooler weather, fall leaves, football, dragging out the fall decor and making pumpkins.

A few weeks ago I decided that my fall decor needed a little sprucing up. So, I thought that making a few new pumpkins and sharing them with you seemed like a lot of fun!

velvet pumpkin

Last week I shared with you how to paint a pumpkin. If you missed it you can go here.

This week I’m sharing how to glam your pumpkin up!

I started with this beautiful velvet teal pumpkin.

Pretty on it’s own, however a little bling never hurt any pumpkin!

My inspiration for this project came from a few pumpkins I saw at Pier 1.


On my recent trip to Oklahoma, I happily found the time to stop in the Hobby Lobby outlet.

This is a small haul for me, I rarely walk away empty handed.


I found all kinds of bead, rhinestones, sequins and glitter to glam my pumpkin up.

glitter and sequins

I started by dumping a little of each embellishment into a bowl and mixing it up.

pumpkin stem

Using Modge Podge, I painted on a small area of glue.

glue, sequins and pumpkin

Once I had a good coating of glue, I sprinkled on a fair amount of the embellishment mixture.

velvet pumpkin

Being gentle, I patted the embellishments down into the glue.


The nice part about using this method, was that I could do small sections at a time until I got just the right amount.

I knew I could always add more, but couldn’t take it away once I started.

I like a little bling, but I don’t want it slapping me in the face!

Also, I put a few single drops of glue, here and there, so that I could add single sequins and rhinestones using my tweezers.

the great pumpkin part 2

I love how it turned out.

Honestly, the pumpkin is much prettier in person.

The Great Pumpkin Part 2

The Great Pumpkin Part 2 was super easy and took less than an hour.

My kind of project for sure.

I can’t wait for fall to officially start to put this pumpkin out!

Until next time…



    1. Kilee I found the pumpkin at Home Goods. Its a fairly large one and I think it cost around $12.00! Happy shopping!

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