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Setting an Early Fall Table

If you’ve followed along with me recently, you know I’m really holding myself back on pulling out the fall pumpkins. However, next week is September. Which for me means busting out the fall decor. So today I want to show you how easy setting an early fall table is.


But before the sharing begins, I want to tell you a quick story. One of the best things about blogging is “meeting” new friends. I’ve truly made some of the best of friends, even if I’ve never met them in person.  I love reading their post, comments and the great ideas that I receive from them. One of those peeps for me is Rita at Panoply.

setting an early fall table

I recently shared with you that I was in love with these plates.

However, they were a little out of my price range, so I would be waiting for a sale.

pumpkin dishes

Rita, from Panoply, read this and quickly sent me an email asking if she could gift me these beautiful plates? She had six of them and would love for me to have them.

You could have knocked me over with a feather.

Of Course, I would love to have these plates.

So pretty. If I’m honest, I like them better than the ones I posted about!

I was like a kid at Christmas waiting for these beautiful plates to arrive.

Truly, happy mail!

fall place setting

I couldn’t wait to unpack them and set up  my early fall table.

Setting an early fall table, for me, is one that “marries” the end of summer with the beginning of fall.

I think of rich fall colors with the deep colors of summer.

Oranges, yellows, turquoises, reds, and greens.

fall table

Ok, I did add a few pumpkins in there.

I couldn’t resist!

I loved the beginnings of my early fall table.

Until I stepped back from the table.

I realized that those colors didn’t match my navy, blues and hot pink dining room.

At all.

It drove me crazy.

fall table

So, I moved the place settings to the kitchen eating area.

And I love it!

Changing out the natural placemats for a light turquoise color, lightened up the look and fit my table better.

setting an early fall table

I love a little whimsy on a table, so I set a different green napkin at each setting.

The turquoise glasses are a recent purchase and I love how they tie the placemats and the table square all together.

fall centerpiece

As you can see, the table isn’t super large.

So keeping the centerpiece simple is a must.

fall table

I’m ready, so bring on fall!

Every time  l look at this table setting, I get a warm fuzzy feeling.

Not because it’s pretty.

Or because I love fall.

It’s because I think of my friend Rita, who chose to share her friendship – and super awesome plates – with me.

Here’s to friendship and setting an early fall table!

Until next time….



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setting an early fall table


    1. LOL! Cindy, I don’t blame you for wanting plates from Rita. She has some of the prettiest stuff. I feel blessed and lucky for sure!

    1. Rita I – and many others – are in love with those plates. Thanks again – I will get a tone of use out of them for sure. XOXOXO

  1. Love those plates..love blogging friends that are so sharing and caring…love the turquoise…I use the color year ’round…with a black and white base in every room, it’s easy to change things from one room to another.

    1. BJ the turquoise is in my living room and kitchen with black and white too. It’s such a soothing combination to me. You are so right about it being easy to change things from one room to another when the color palate is similar. So smart of you…..

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