The Great Pumpkin Part 3

I shared a sneak peek of todays pumpkin with my sister. She said it was pretty, but wanted to know if I obsessed with pumpkins? I had to laugh. I guess she missed the part about my series of sharing how to make the perfect pumpkin for your house. The Great Pumpkin part 3!

The great pumpkin part 3

So without further ado, let me share my latest pumpkin obsession!


You can’t throw a rock on Pinterest and not hit a tutorial on how to make a stuffed pumpkin.

However, just in case you missed one, I’ll share how I made mine with you.

I cut a piece of velvet material 13″ X 24″.

Right sides together, fold the material in half to make a “tube”.

Sew a seam 5/8″ in width.


Using a needle, sew a gather stitch along one end of the tube.

Pull thread tightly and tie it off.

You have just formed the bottom of your pumpkin!

Turn it right side out.

corn and fiber

Now, you need to stuff your pumpkin.

I like my pumpkin to have a little weight.

So I pour about a cup of beans, or in this case popcorn into the bottom.

Then, using fiber fill, I finish stuffing my pumpkin.


Once I had my pumpkin stuffed, I gather stitched around the top to close my pumpkin.


Next, I pushed the extra fabric down into the pumpkin.

Don’t tie off your pumpkin yet, we still have to add a pumpkin stem.


Next, I pulled out my collection of old silverware.

A spoon makes the perfect pumpkin stem.

The great pumpkin part 3

I gave the spoon handle a slight bend, the stuck the spoon into the pumpkin.

Then, pull the thread tightly and tied it off.


Now for the fun part.

Decorating your pumpkin!

I tied on a pretty silk bow.


I found these blinged out buttons and couldn’t resist adding them to my pumpkin.

The great pumpkin part 3

A little hot glue and The Great Pumpkin Part 3 is finished!

The Great pumpkin part 3

I think my new pumpkin fits right in with all of my other velvet pumpkins.

I’m ready!

Bring on Fall.

Until next time…


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  1. 😲 Beautiful!!!!! Ergo would have thought a spoon, but it’s PERFECT! LOVE it Tammy. Make one for Pokeeno, so I can steal it! 😍😂

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