The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Painting – Part 2

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Hey!  Good Morning!  I just wanted to follow up on my last post where I showed you how to do the lazy girl’s guide to paint lettering.  This time I  want to show you how to apply the same technique using garage sale stickers.  Yep.  stickers.




I basically used the same technique as before.  I started with a wooden frame and spray painted the base coat white.  Then instead of lettering I wanted to do polka dots.  Again – who has time to sit and paint all those dots?  My ADD kicks in SO badly at this point! For reals!  I could have cut the dots out on my Cricut machine but I had these garage sale stickers sitting around from the last garage sale and they were the perfect size!   I placed the stickers where I wanted the polka dots to be. (yeah –  I might have gone a little dot crazy here!)  Then I gave them a good rub to ensure that they were stuck tightly to the wood.  Then using my top color, a pretty little girl pink, I painted over the entire piece.


frame 2


Once again, be sure to let the paint dry until it is no longer shiny.  Using a craft knife, gently pull up the edge and pull off of the dot.  You should have a beautiful perfectly round white dot at this time… if not grab a slight damp, small brush and remove any paint the has bleed under the sticker.  Let the entire piece dry completely and then paint a poly coat if you so desire!


Frame 3

Here is the finished piece.  By using this technique, I have saved myself a ton of time!  And quite honestly, I am not sure that my  hand painted polka dots would have that crisp of an edge or all be the same size!

This project is definitely a beginner level.  Remember, you can use this technique on just about anything! Happy painting!

Until next time….




Tammy from Patina and Paint

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