The Library Redesign


Last week I shared with you my plans for my library redesign – phase one. If you missed it you can see it here.

Just a reminder, this is sorta where I started from minus a few items.

I get as excited as a monkey on pogo stick when I get started on a project that I forget to take before pictures!

gray library

This is one of my inspiration photos.

I love the mood in here.

Dark, cozy, filled with books and leans toward the masculine side of decor.

Now, don’t get me wrong, my library isn’t nearly as grand as this one and will never be.

Gray walls

Step 1 – Paint

We emptied everything out of the room except the piano.

My vision for the walls was a warm, dark charcoal that reminded me of flannel.

This is Behr Cracked Pepper and on my walls it’s darker than the sample.

And while it’s darker than I wanted the guys in my family love it, so we are keeping it!

Ikea Hemnes book case

Step 2 – Shelving

Next, we bought 2 of this Hemnes shelving units from Ikea.

While I like that they are made of wood, the Billy shelves – which were unavailable – are still my favorite.

Library redesign

 Step 3: Putting the room together

Once the shelving was up, my books were put into place this is what the south wall looks like.

In phase 2 we plan on pushing the shelving all the way out to the east and west walls and building a Murphy bed in between them.

Making everything more built in.

However, for now I couldn’t be happier!

My books have been in storage almost 3 years.

I didn’t realize just how much I missed them!

Chest , chairs and lamp in the library

On the east wall is where all of the seating resides.

I’m looking for a small womans secretary to put here to hold mail etc.

But, for now, this chest works.

Old radio in the library

I found this old radio at Round Top a few years ago.

It’s been in the attic just waiting for a place to call home.

It still works!

Just AM, ship to shore, but amazing!

The west wall has small double doors into the kitchen that take up most of the wall.

Next to those is my Great Granmother’s piano.

That’s about all that can be placed on that wall.

Library redesign

It’s amazing what a coat of paint and adding the book shelves did for this room.

It finally feels like us, not like I’m living is someone else’s home.

That’s it for Phase one of the library redesign.

I can’t wait for Phase 2 to start!

Until next time…


The Library Redesign

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