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Cake Stand vignette

Good Thursday my peeps! Today is the Creative Craft Hop and I have one of the easiest and cheapest cake stand DIY’s  you will ever make to share with you.

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Normally Sara from Birdz of A Feather is our host, however she’s taking a little break from hosting and Donna from Modern On Monticello is taking over for a couple of months.

Thank you Donna!

If you are coming here from Donna’s, welcome.

Now let’s get started.

blue plate from Target


It all started with a TikTok Video.

They took this plastic plate from Target.

Added this bowl and a little glue

And came up with the cutest cake stand ever.

For under $1.00 or $1.50 depending on the pricing at your Target.

That’s right Under $2.00!

And they come in Light blue, gray, navy, black, red, lilac and pink.

Step 1

Flip the plate upside down.

Be sure to remove the sticker.

placing glue on the bottom of a bowl

step 2

Flip you bowl over.

Remove the sticker.

Place glue on the bottom of the bowl.

glue the bowl to the plate

Step 3:

Place the bottom of the bowl in the center of the plate.

While the glue was drying I place a heavy object in the bowl to help with even surface contact.

Navy Cake Stand

Ta Da!

I told you it was the easiest and cheapest cake stand that you would ever make!

Isn’t it cute?

Now I could leave it looking just like this, but we all know I like to make things extra.

gluing wooden beads to cake stand

Step 4

Using 18mm wooden beads, hot glue them to the inside lip of the plate.

I used 53 beads in total.

painting wooden beads

Step 5

This next step may seem backwards to you, but it was super easy!

After the wooden beads were glued to the plate I took pink acrylic paint and dry brush it onto the beads.

When the pink was dry, I repeated the same step only this time I used white paint.

If you get a little paint on the plate, don’t worry!

It wipes right off.

Pink Cake StandThis is what the finished plate looks like.

Cute right?

Cake Stand vignette

Of course I bought several colors to make for family and friends.

Making them is kind of addictive!

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Until next time….



  1. hi Tammy, your cake stand is super cute, I love the beads for added interest, and you can’t beat a cake stand for $2!! I have thought about making a cake stand, you have inspired me to look though my stash and get creative! Target is a wonderful source for supplies, I love their dollar spot 🙂 Great creation and happy crafting!

    1. Thanks Jenna. I can’t wait to see what your cake stand. You are so creative, I’m sure it will be fabulous. And yes, Target is super fun!

    1. I loved the plain stand, however the beads made the piece for me. I think it will be cute to use it inside but it will be great to serve from out on the patio!

  2. Your cake stand is too cute and adorable, Tammy! Aren’t those Target dishes the best? I have a whole set of them in pink! I made a holiday hat centerpiece with one of the plates. And now, I’m inspired from your project to make a cake stand, too! I’m not in Target too often and just recently saw the lavender shade. I certainly don’t need anymore dishes, but it’s a purple shade, lol!

  3. This is SO CUTE!!! But, I wanted something a little more durable (plus ALSO wanted a “cupcake” riser), so I took your idea and ran with it!!! I wound up using matching dinner/salad plates from Dollar Tree, and my faithful E6000 glue to glue them together with a “crystal” candlestick, also from Dollar Tree. The cake stand was just the candlestick with the plate glued to it.

    Your previous commenter is right – they’re addictive!!! I’ve done different DT plates to do seasonal versions – when I’m not using them for serving, I decorate them with greens, pinecones, other cute seasonal decor… SO fun and yes, to your point, so inexpensive!!! Even with DT increasing prices, it’s, literally, $3.75 (plus glue, which I always have on hand), and they’re super-durable, being heavy glass/china. I’ve had a couple more than a year, now, and they hold up to hand-washing beautifully!!! ~Chrissie

    1. Chrissie I am so happy you took this idea and ran with it! Your stands sound beautiful! Definitely something I will need to try!

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