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The Powder Room

powder room8

If you have been following me for awhile you are probably looking at this post thinking “Didn’t she redo the powder room before?”  Well, you would be right, I did!  You can check that out here. But you KNOW that I am never truly done with a room – ever. It is always evolving.

powder room 5

My BFF Roxanne is one lucky girl. She recently remodeled her powder room and had a custom upper storage cabinet made for room.  She was tossing this upper cabinet and I snatched it up. I was going to use it in the garage, but then I had that light bulb moment and realized that putting it in the powder room would be a much better option.  A girl has to have some storage! This is what it looked like when I got it.  Needs a little love.

powder room 1

So the Hubs sanded and added crown molding around the top of the cabinet to match the crown molding that is in the room….oh, wait that is still on my to do list.. but I WILL get there!

After the Hubs finished building, it was my turn. If you read my earlier post about this powder room you know that I decorated the whole room around a picture from my trip to New Orleans. I love that city almost as much as my first born! New Orleans is such a blend of old and new – french and industrial… Let’s be honest, you can find just about everything in that city.  I was determined to at least get that feel. On the last decorating adventure, I painted my vanity a white and distressed it. I really liked it.

powder room 6

One night of almost zero sleep and too many hours of Pinterest led me to think that it need a little more “distressing” which involved adding two more colors and a lot of dark wax top coat.  I hated it! I mean really, really hated it.  Note to self: stay off of Pinterest when getting zero sleep! I left it alone until my head cleared – which was about the time I was given the cabinet.

powder room 7

So I started over. I painted everything AS Pure White, gave it a little distressing and a lot less dark wax.

powder room 1

I also added some oversized crystal drawer pulls – which I usually love, but these just seemed to disappear!

powder room3

So I switched to these…. which look too dark here, but are really an oil rubbed bronze. I love them, plus they mimic the color of the ones on the vanity..Woo Hoo!

powder room 2

Here is the potty side with the cabinet. Sorry- I can’t get pictures of the whole room top to bottom.  Pictures are almost impossible to get because it is so small with tall ceilings. Just not gonna happen!

powder room

The vanity side of the room…. I did put on a little more dark wax on the front to give it that old, dirty, well worn feel. Loving it a lot more than before!

I admit that I am usually a plain white paint kinda girl when it comes to my trim and cabinets, but I wanted this room to be a little different. In my opinion the three rooms that you can really go crazy decorating are:  1. Dining rooms, 2. Children’s rooms, and 3. The Powder room.

I am not done with the powder room yet. I still have some crown molding to put up and I will be honest and tell you that I will be changing out the accessories as  my mood the season changes. I have never been completely happy with the rug I put in there… well you can see why a room is never, ever complete to me.

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