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The Queen’s Christmas

The Queen’s Christmas is always one of my favorite celebrations. This year was certainly no different! Every year eight of us get together and celebrate the Christmas season.


Normally, we would get together, eat, play few games and open gifts from each other. We always have a wonderful time, but over the years it seemed like we needed a change. So this year, instead of eat, play and gift, we decided to change things up a bit!


I can’t believe that this year we finally got a decent picture of all seven of us. And it only took three tries. Last year I had over 40 pictures and could use only three! No one can stand still. Or quit talking. Or laughing. It like herding cats.

There are normally eight of us, but Queen Lally, along with her daughter and granddaughter, made a quick trip to New York. She was missed!


We still ate dinner – and dessert! Where we changed things up this year, was instead of exchanging gifts we decided to do a craft make and take!


I decided on the project weeks ahead of time, but didn’t tell the Queens what our project was. I sent out a list of supplies that each Queen was to bring with them.  Our project was the “merry” sign.


We had all different skill levels so this had to be a craft that just about anyone would be comfortable with.  I will tell you that I was a little nervous, but the Queens rose to the occasion beautifully!


We stenciled, touched up, stapled and wrapped the signs all up in a bow!


Most importantly, we laughed ourselves silly and thoroughly enjoyed each other.


So how did the “merry” signs turn out? AWESOME!  I think the Queen’s are one bunch of talented women!the-queens-christmas-12

Here are a few of the Queen’s signs at their homes.


Queen J’s looks fabulous on her front porch!


Queen D’s is no slouch either! So Pretty.



Queen A decided to place her merry sign in her dining room. So very pretty!


My merry sign lives on my front porch next to Mr. Snowman.  I think that it is the perfect home for my new sign.

The Queen’s Christmas may have taken a new direction this year, but I think it may have been one of my very favorites with these crazy and fun ladies!

Later in the week, I will share with you how you can make your very own “merry” sign.  So be sure to come by later in the week. You don’t want to miss this one!

Happy Holidays!


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