Decorating With Containers

I love decorating with containers. Especially at Christmas time. Decorating can get expensive, so why not use things that you already have when you can?

Along with containers being everywhere in your house, if you are anything like me you have a ton of Christmas bulbs, greenery, trees, faux snow, figurines and plants in your Christmas bins that never – or rarely get used. This year I decided to try and use more of what I already have and less of buying new stuff!

My kitchen is the first place I shop for containers! Bowls, tea cups, jars, and platters are perfect for all kinds of decor.

Usually this red glass bowl holds poinsettias at Christmas time. This year I thought that it would look awesome filled with all of my left over ornaments. I have a boat load of them that don’t have the silver tops, have lost a little of their shine or don’t really work with my theme. I just can’t bring myself to throw them out. This particular bowl is also the perfect size for a centerpiece. A bowl and ornaments are a match made in heaven. Kind of like me and shoes!

A silver planter is the perfect size for my poinsettias and it matches my shiny silver reindeer. It is also the perfect eye candy to go in my kitchen window.

Okay, so I know your thinking “A plant in a planter? Not so clever.” You are right. Just don’t overlook or over think the obvious! Sometimes the obvious is really perfect.

Not only are lanterns popular, they have become one of my favorite decorations and they are not just for candles anymore! This lantern is filled with ornaments and tiny battery operated lights. Wouldn’t a Santa figurine look awesome inside surrounded by snow? It would be like a large snow globe.

Speaking of snow globes, I made this faux globe a few Christmases ago in less than five minutes. I found this jar in my pantry, glued some Dollar Tree Christmas trees to the lids, added some faux snow. Instant snow globe.

You’ve probably seen this a thousand times on Pinterest, but this is the perfect example of using what you have around the house. Quick. Easy and pretty!

No, I didn’t have the topiary hanging out around the house, it was an impulse buy at the grocery store. Instead of buying a new container to put it in, I decided to shop my home first. A rustic pail was just hanging out in my closet waiting for me to plop my rosemary topiary into it for a really beautiful arrangement. Adding a beautiful plaid bow really gives it a lot of color and a finished look. It just may be my favorite arrangement this year.

And for the bonus round, it not only looks good, but it smells heavenly too. It is also a great recycle. If I can keep it alive, I will be planting it in my herb garden this spring!

This pail would  also look good in the bathroom with with soaps and festive towels rolled up in it.

The container possibilities are endless if you shop your home with an open mind. You might surprise yourself with what you find.

Happy decorating with containers!





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  1. Love all your ideas, Tammy. I use one of those grocery-store red fruit baskets (handled) in my laundry room for soiled napkins after our big buffet dinner (i just direct guests to drop them there when they ask what they can do), and this year I’m finding new ways to display things I love or just want to corral. I want you to know you inspired my tree this year – I beribboned it just like you instructed, and I love the fullness it gave. It also prompted my stashing ornaments in bowls like you have. 🙂
    Happiest of holidays to you, and thank you for being the creative and inspirational blogger you are!

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