The Unfinished Vanity

My sister has had the unfinished vanity in her room for about nine months now.

Nine months ago, I left her with an old sewing cabinet and a can of Annie Sloane paint. She assured me that she was going to get the painting done A.S.A.P.! Fast forward nine months and like a lot of us, she got busy and the vanity remained unfinished.

I had a few hours to kill a few days ago, so I thought why not paint it for her? Yes, I am truly just that crazy. She went to take a shower and I turned her bedroom into complete chaos. I’m not sure she will ever leave me alone in her house again!

This is the before picture of the vanity. It definitely had seen better days!

A few coats of AS chalk paint in graphite and this beat up sewing table became a very pretty vanity.

After the initial shock, my sister got into the spirit of the makeover and bought these pretty glass knobs for the top drawers.

Now if you think that the unfinished vanity is finished, sadly, you would be wrong.

Nine months ago we had a plan. That plan included hanging pendant lights from the ceiling on either side of the vanity.  (See the red arrows.)  However, we ran into a few major minor roadblocks. Wiring lath and plaster walls is no picnic!

After nine months, my sister and I are surrendering and calling in the big guns. The Hubs. He will now be in charge of finishing off the unfinished vanity. Nope, not passing the buck at all! Hopefully, we will be sharing the final pictures of the unfinished vanity with you soon!

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