Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day gifts are always a challenge for me. We honestly don’t do big Valentine’s gifts, just tiny reminders of love.

A card and dinner. A favorite candy bar or treat. Once in awhile we might go crazy and get dessert after dinner. Yep, we are the wild couple. Seriously, I think we love to give gifts that we know the recipient will love. It’s more about the giving, than the getting!

It’s been a long week. My sweet Daddy has been in the hospital this week, so my sister’s and I have been living there. We took a break one afternoon and hit up the hospital gift store in search of a few Valentine gifts. Boy, did we find a lot to choose from for just about every woman and girl in your life!

The next few gifts would be great for me! I mean, your Mom, Mom-in-law, sister or friend.

You all know that I love all things Mud Pie! I kept drooling over several pieces until my sister bought me a few items for Christmas. Lucky me. Now I want to collect them all!

I found quite a few pieces at the gift shop. This tea bag holder and spoon would be perfect for the tea lover in your life.

This is the first time I had seen this salt and pepper shaker set.  I am in Lurve!

This candy bowl is so cute! I am singing the song “Awww… sugar, sugar…” in my head as I write this. It may be there awhile…

Every girl loves some shiny bling. The gift shop had a huge selection of Brighton.  These bracelets had matching earrings, necklaces and rings to match.

I had to stop myself from buying these beauties. Although, I think the box needs a good swipe from a lint roller! Nope, not OCD at all!

Brighton always has a huge supply of silver. These  jewelry bowls are so pretty and classic.

I’m fairly certain that only women of a certain age will appreciate these super fun, glittery reading glasses.  If I “loose” another pair of mine I will be back to purchase a few pairs of my own!

I love crosses and old looking jewelry, so these crosses caught my eye. It’s a two for one!

Next, gifts for the younger women and teens on your list.  These pretty garnet heart earrings are so pretty!

I thought that these mini wallets were not only cute, but practical.

For the youngest little ladies in your lives I found these sweet nail stickers. What little girl doesn’t like to do her nails?

I also loved this tea set. I can’t help it, every time I look at it I just think “awwwwww..”. Super sweet!

My last gift to share with you didn’t come from the hospital gift store, but from Nuthin’ Bundt Cakes.  Although the  cake looks as good as it tastes, it’s not the gift I’m talking about. I am in love with the cake stand! You can’t really see it in the picture, the duck egg green color is so beautiful. Add beauty to it’s classic lines and you have the perfect cake stand!

I was totally surprised at the selection and variety of  Valentine’s Day gifts at the hospital gift store. I guess your really can find beautiful gifts in unusual places if you will only take the time to look!

Have a wonderful day!



  1. I lurve the s&p set too, Tammy. So sorry to hear of your Dad in the hospital. That’s always a drain on everyone involved. I do hope his health is soon restored, and you and your sisters can breathe easier. (Note to self: wash all the clothes worn at the hospital! I think that’s one of the grossest things about being in the hospital. My husband spent all day y’day in the ER with his older sister, and I am doing laundry this am!).

    1. Rita,
      Thank you! I couldn’t agree with you more about the clothing… I don’t even want to put my purse down anywhere. I am becoming a germaphobe!

  2. GREAT finds! Who knew? I’m glad that you were able to find a little beauty & humor during a difficult time❤ Best wishes for a full recovery.

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