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Every once in awhile you come across something that you love, can’t live without or is just plain fun. Instead of keeping all of these fun things to myself I’ve decided to share them with you my peeps! I do this not because I am the wonderful, sharing person that I am, but because I love you and want you to experience all of the goodness of the things I love!

You’re welcome!

fragrant candle 7

Every Christmas the Queens exchange gifts. This year my bestie, Rox, and I went together and bought gifts. Rox came up with this super fun gift idea – a Fragrant Jewels Candle.  (not getting paid to show you this lovely candle, just so ya know!) This is not only a fragrant candle for your home, BUT inside of each candle is a ring that values from $10.00 – $10,000! Woo Hoo!  The candles cost about $25.00 and you get to choose your scent and the size of the ring in the candle.

fragrant candle 6

As you can see the ring is buried in the candle behind this gold dot. Thank goodness the ring isn’t at the bottom of the candle! Can you imagine having to wait until you burned the entire candle to get to the ring? ha! No way!

Fragrant jewels 2

All you do is light the candle and enjoy the fragrance. And wait. And wait! It took me a couple of days of burning the candle about two to three hours to get it down to where I could get to the ring. I know! I am an impatient girl…

fragrant candle

I fished it out with tweezers as you have to pull it out while the wax is still pretty warm.  NOTE:  Don’t hit the burnt wick.. it leaves ugly black pieces everywhere. Guess my enthusiasm got the better of me!

frangrant candle 1The ring was in a small plastic ziplock bag that was wrapped in foil.  On the ring is a tag that has the site address and code for you to go to and check out just how much your ring is worth.

fragrant candle 2

Once at the site, you just type in the code that was on your ring tag…

fragrant candle 3

And up pops your jewels worth!

fragrant candles 4

Here is my ring! pretty…. Yikes! My hands look really dehydrated here.. Must. Drink. More. Water!

fragrant candle 7

The fun of this gift was the anticipation… what would it look like? How much would it be worth?  What did everyone else get?

I chose the lemon drop scent. I love Lemon Verbena , however I will say that this scent was more lemon pledge than lemon verbena.  Not bad, just not what I expected.

Overall – I loved this product just because it was fun!  Don’t we all need a little more fun in our lives?

Until next time…..

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