Turquoise Chandelier

Turquoise Chandelier 10

I recently shared with you my sisters awesome new house and her big, massive black bed. We painted so many things in this room it was crazy! One of the pieces that everyone seemed to love was the Turquoise Chandelier.  It didn’t start out this cute – at all!

turquoise chandelier 1

My sisters and I were at Restore – these stores are like the motherload of all garage sales/home good stores – and found this chandelier for $10.00! It had great bones and it worked. WHAT???? We also found black shades with gold lining for $1.50 each. Score!

turquoise chandelier 2

Now it was time for fun. I cleaned the chandy really well and removed the white socket covers.turquoise chandelier 4 Be sure to tape of the light bulb sockets.  Then you are ready to paint.

turquoise chandelier 5

The color scheme for my sister’s master bedroom was black, coral and turquoise. Big black bed with coral on the bedspread. We had already painted some tables turquoise for her nightstands and thought that a turquoise chandelier would be a perfect way to carry that color throughout the room.

Two to three light coats of spray paint and we had a really cute chandy!

turquoise chandelier 6

We weren’t done yet. It was time to add the bling! I love Amazon. They have a large selection of crystals.  You can purchase them individually or on strings by the foot.

turquoise chandelier 7

Using my drill, I drilled a hole on the outside edge of the “cup”. This allows you to attach the crystals to each arm on the chandelier.  If you look really close to the middle of the chandelier, there are some tear drop crystals hanging from some curly Q’s on the arm. Sorry for the really bad “technical terms”.  I simply tied the crystals on using fishing line. Fishing line is perfect for this. It is clear and can’t be seen and it is super strong!

turquoise chandelier 8

After adding the black shades, we were done!

turquoise chandelier 9

Here’s a close up. The black shades have a gold interior. When you turn the chandy on at night you get a really soft warm glow. Perfect mood lighting. Not too dark, not too bright.  And the bling? It shines, sparkles and twinkles!

Black bed 8

I think that this chandelier is my second favorite piece in the room – of course the bed is my very favorite …

The chandelier turned out exactly like we envisioned. The best part? We made this chandelier for under $50.00 and my sister loves it. That’s a win/win!

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    1. Mary – I am with you on paint making such a big difference. Maybe why I am addicted to painting everything? 🙂 Thanks so much for you encouraging comments!

  1. Oh my goodness, this is such a beautiful chandelier! I just love love love that color! You would never even recognize it from the before and after!

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