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“Un-Fall” Decorating

unfall 7Okay… I admit that I have been dragging my feet on getting all of the fall decor out. I live in Texas. It is still hot. For the most part we don’t even have a true fall season. We just jump right on into winter.   I have started my fall decorating – but I keep changing my mind! I am about to start calling it my “un-fall” decorating. So not me. I like a plan. I like having it all mapped out in my mind, leaving room for little tweaks. Just. Not. Happening.

unfall 5

I started my chairs decor with this….ummm no! It reminded me of those babies that have those ginormous bows strapped to their heads who look like bobblehead dolls with their neck ready to snap! Plus, those colors clashed with all of the blue decor in the dining room. I was ready to make drop cloth slip covers for all eight chairs. No, that’s not crazy at all!

unfall 6

I am thinking of going more in this direction. Go with what you’ve got, right!

unfall 4

I think that I do have the beginnings of the table centerpiece going in the right direction…just not there yet.

unfall 2

I started on the hutch in the kitchen.. more color? less color?

unfall 3

I have always loved this pumpkin tureen but this arrangement just needs some serious work!

unfall 1

Then there is the coffee table. I really, really want to add a turquoise velvet pumpkin…but I should be working here and not shopping!

As you can see I have nothing totally finished. So… “un-fall” decorating. Right? Which drives me crazy!

So here it is. I am telling you right here, right now- you are all my witnesses – that all will be done by the next post.  As Scarlet said: “As God as my witness I WILL have my decorating done soon!”


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