Up-cycled Ornament Door Hanger

Up-cycled ornament door hanger

Hey y’all! It’s time for the Creative Craft Hop AND it’s also Christmas in July! Which means today I’m sharing an up-cycled ornament door hanger.

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First off a great big thank you to Donna for taking over hosting duties from Sara for the next couple of months. Herding crafters can’t be easy but she makes it look like it is!

Also, if you are coming here from Cecilia from My Thrift Store Addiction, WELCOME! I am so happy that you are here.

Noel Door Hanger

I was gifted this ornament door hanger.

It is super cute, but doesn’t fit my Christmas decor, so I thought I’d give it a little facelift.

Step 1

Remove greenery, ribbon, and lettering.

The cardboard letters were easily removed with a putty knife.

painting ornament door hanger

step 2

There was a little residual glue left over from the letters, which meant sanding it off.

Once that was done I gave the ornament a couple of coats of red paint.

Spray painting ornament top

step 3

Paint the top of the ornament with my favorite gold spray paint.

Painting and adding glitter to letters

Step 4

Since I totally destroyed the NOEL letters getting them off, I searched through my stash and found random cardboard letters that spelled out MERRY.

I painted them white, then gave each a coat of Mod Podge before sprinkling with Champagne glitter.

stapling greenery to a door hanger

step 5

Let’s put the ornament back together!

I stapled the greenery onto the right side of the ornament.

adding a bow to door hanger

Once the letters were completely dry I glued them vertically onto the left side of the door hanger.

Hot glue on a cute red and white bow and my up-cycled ornament door hanger is ready to hang for Christmas!

Noel Door Hanger

Just a reminder of the before….

ornament door hanger

And here’s the after!

This is your PSA – if you find something cute, but it doesn’t fit your decor don’t walk away.

Up-cycle it!

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Until next time….



Up-cycled ornament door hanger

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  1. Love the “facelift” and transformation you gave your door hanger, Tammy! Now it looks so pretty and meaningful on your door! It’s amazing how changing the wording makes a difference, too! It’s always fun to upcycle items we already have in our stash! You did great!

  2. Tammy, I love a good dollar store craft and your Christmas-in-July door hanger is so festive!
    It’s always a pleasure to hop with you! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  3. Tammy, your version of the Christmas hanger is definitely much cuter. Love the gold hanger on the design. Definitely a word to the wise to not judge the original by what it could be.

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