Updating the Chalkboard and Small Cabinet

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I’m back with the never ending kitchen facelift. So far we’ve replaced all but one appliance, painted the walls and the kitchen hutch. Once that was done, it was clear that there were a few more things that needed attention.  Like updating the chalkboard and small cabinet that sit next to the back door.

This isn’t the best picture, but you can see what the chalkboard and small cabinet looked like before. The chalkboard always seemed a lot little too gold. I never could decide what to do with it that would look good against the yellow walls.  I loved the the small cabinet, and really had no plans to change it.  Then I painted the kitchen a dusty blue green and everything had to change.

This a close up before picture of the chalkboard. I love all of the detail and truth be told if it were a little less orangy -gold I would have left it alone.  Once the walls were painted, the goldness of it all was just too much. So just like my kitchen hutch, it was painted white.

I love it. I painted it with the same paint as the hutch and then wiped off the white paint so that some of the gold  could show on all the detailed areas. Sigh… It’s perfect now.

I was so excited about how the chalkboard turned out that I forgot to take a before picture of my small cabinet. Story of my life! No attention span. Thank goodness I remembered to take a picture while I was taping.

Here is the after. I’m not in love with this piece. At all.  I think that the white is a little too stark against the wood. Before leaving the parts of the wood stained worked well. Now it just feels a little too stark. The duck egg blue had depth and looked old. The white makes it look really flat and uninteresting.

So it’s back to the drawing board on this one.

Yep, you heard me.  I’m painting it again. I swear this is the never ending project!

So, there you have it. Updating the chalkboard and small cabinet didn’t go quite as I planned. I have to go now, I have MORE painting to do.





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