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Easter in the Kitchen

I have been so busy painting that Easter in the kitchen is going to be low key this year. At least the decor part anyway!

I shared my white painted hutch, chalkboard and partially finished small cabinet with you last week. While I am so thankful that these projects are finished, I am still running behind on just about everything else. I decided to give myself a break. What gets done, gets done. If it doesn’t, oh well!

I did get the small cabinet finished. Hear the heavenly choir sing and shout Hallelujah!

You can see what it looked like before here.  The small chest matches the kitchen and the chalkboard so much better now.

While not normally as elaborate as my dining room table, the kitchen table has been a little more dressed up in years past than it is this year.  My favorite bunny and his eggs are my centerpiece.

Even the place setting is super casual and easy. I love to use this bright grass green this time of year. The peony napkin ring makes me think of all the flowers in my garden that are growing and ready to bloom.  I can’t wait.

While this isn’t the kitchen and the picture could be a lot better, I had to share these beautiful flowers that I received recently. A great big shout out to some of the most wonderful girls in the world!  I love the foil wrapped bunny and the flowers together. They just scream spring.

Speaking of spring and flowers, between all of the painting in the kitchen I did find time to sit down and order a book from Amazon. I real book y’all! Not something on an E-reader. The ex- librarian in me is so proud. It is such a gorgeous book. I bought it to cut out the pages and frame them for new art.

love that the backgrounds on all the pages are black. Gives a new twist to botanicals. However, after seeing how pretty the book is I am not sure that I can bring myself to do it! My former librarian OCD has taken over. Just. Can’t. Do. It. At least not yet anyway.

I’m hoping that by not killing myself to decorate for Easter in the kitchen I’ll have more time for a few fun projects. I might even finish cleaning the house… like I said, If it gets done, it gets done. If not, oh well!



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