Updating the Fairy Garden

Instead of me saying that I’m updating the fairy garden, I should probably say I tried to update the fairy garden!

I thought it would be so easy. Buy a few plants, clean out the planter, paint and repair the rest. Honestly, that is not what happened at all!


This is my very sad “before” garden.

I cleaned out all the leaves and sticks. Leveled out the soil and kicked out a family of evil ants.

I was surprised that I hadn’t removed the Fairy Queen’s house and garden gate when I took out the rest of the garden decor last fall. It’s probably a good thing that I didn’t, as I can’t find the rest of the fairy garden decor. I’ve looked everywhere!

While I was running errands this morning, I stopped by a local nursery and picked up some fairy garden plants.  This one is Lacey Fairy.

Aren’t they cute? I picked up four in all. I couldn’t resist myself!

This plant is called Little Belle Fairy. It reminds me of a tiny fuchsia plant.

I tried to buy different heights and types of fairy plants. This one is called Tiny Red toes. It’s a coleus!

Once I had all of the plants planted, I realized I couldn’t find all of my other decorations.

It looked so empty that I decided to make a few new things to fill in the holes until I find or buy new the rest of my fairy garden decor.

I had wooden rounds that become a new door mat and stepping stones.

A bright button, a few sticks and a couple of  rocks became a new table and chairs.

At least updating the fairy garden wasn’t a total disaster. I found some super cute plants and it doesn’t look so sad any more!

I guess a complete update will have to wait until I can remember where I put the rest of the garden decor! In the mean time, I will be racking my brain trying to remember where I put it so that I wouldn’t forget where I put it. Sigh…



  1. This is going to be wonderful, Tammy. I love your fairy garden decorations. I used those mini plants last year too. They worked great!

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