New Rug In The Dining Room

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I’ve got a new rug in the dining room! My sweet sons bought it for my Mother’s Day present. I was completely surprised and very excited.

I had been drooling over this rug for awhile now, but kept going back and forth. Yea or nay? I mean it is hot pink!  In the past my rug choices have always been a lot more neutral.  To say I was scared was an understatement.

Okay, let’s just get this out in the open. Worst picture ever.

The day of deliver had me moving the furniture out of the room and deep cleaning every thing. Then I waited for the rug to arrive. And waited and waited and waited. It finally arrived after seven o’clock in the evening. I couldn’t wait to unroll it and try it out. Hence the dark picture.

My dining room’s color scheme has been neutrals with several shades of blue, ranging from a light grey blue to a dark navy. Lately, I’ve been thinking of making it a little more fun by adding a pop of color. The hot pink wasn’t even on my radar, which is strange as my two favorite colors are navy and hot pink.

This rug is so fun. It has a traditional design with a modern touch.  It is super soft . Even the wrinkles from being rolled up have relaxed and are laying flat.

The new rug isn’t the only thing that is changing in the dining room. I have plans to add a pop of hot pink to the curtains. Maybe add in a few more hot pink accessories.

In fact, the walls may need to be painted a lighter color soon. Not looking forward to that at all!

So far I couldn’t be happier with my new rug in the dining room.  That hot pink goes perfectly with the blues!




Tammy from Patina and Paint


  1. Tammy, I love it!! When I see hot pink I always think of your flamingos. I would really love to incorporate some pink in our new house so I’ll be watching you.

    Where did you get the rug? I’ve spent hours upon hours looking at rugs online. I’m a little chicken to order.

    1. Stacey,
      the rug came from Target. Which was another reason that I was a little afraid to order it. Not that I have anything against Target, I have just never bought a rug from there. I will let you know how it holds up!

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