Utensil Caddies Are The Bomb

I’m here to tell you that Utensil Caddies are the bomb! Okay, does anyone still say “the bomb” any more? Probably not. But they really are and here’s why.

We are having The Hubs family over this weekend for a cook out and a swim. Of course, we needed some swim toys for the littles. But what to store them in?

A Utensil caddy of course! It really is perfect. It has dividers to keep all the smaller toys separate and organized. If your thinking what a type A personality I am who has to have total organization, think again. It’s more that I am lazy.

In the past I’ve just thrown the smaller toys into a big bucket with all of the larger floats and noodles. We spent more time pulling out the bigger toys and digging around to find the smaller toys than we did actually swimming. So this year I decided that enough was enough. The smaller toys needed a home of their own.  Hopefully, this is the year of more swimming, less digging.

As I was patting myself on the back thinking how smart I was it occurred to me that  utensil caddies were as handy as a pocket on a shirt. ( Texas slang for really useful! )

I’ve used them as planters.

And believe it or not, I’ve actually used them as utensil caddies!

I started thinking of all the other ways that you could use them and the possibilities are endless.

You could use them as an art station to store crayons, markers, paintbrushes and pencils.

How about in the bathroom that children share? Each child could have their own section for toothbrush and toothpaste.

Or how about storing hand towels and washcloths? To store tools?

When you really think about it, utensil caddies are the king of organization. What’s not to love about that?

See? I told you that utensil caddies are the bomb! They really are.

Have a wonderful weekend!




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  1. I’m the same way – love my organization and anything that soothes the type A soul. That’s why you got things done for the shower and did your homework the day it was assigned, right?? And hey, what ARE those stick thingies in the caddy for the littles that are for the pool?

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