Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentines day gift

I have a lot of little nieces and nephews that I like to give a little somethin’ to on holidays like Valentine’s Day. Problem is, that as they get older, it gets a little harder to find a gift that isn’t junk, one that I haven’t given before or one that isn’t out of my price range.  I want to give them something that they will actually use and like. Thank goodness for Pinterest – it gave me a ton of ideas for my Valentine’s Day gift!

I saw some really sweet gifts created by using your circuit or silhouette machine and EOS – or a similar type- lip balm. Lots of cut outs with really cute slogans to go with them.

I got out my circuit and my imagination and got to work. I decided to make flowers. Every girl wants flowers for Valentine’s. Right? Here is how I did it.

valentines gift 2 10

First, cut several sizes of the same flower shape out, using different scrap papers and glue them together.

Determine the size of hole that you will cut out of the middle of your flowers. You will need this hole to attach your flower cut out to your lip balm. You are basically “sandwiching” your flower between the two sides of the lip balm container.

To determine the size of hole you will need, just unscrew the lid of your lip balm and measure the circumference of  the”balm” part. This will ensure that the hole you cut out will  surround the balm and lay on the lip where it screws together.

Mine was 1 1/2 inches. I even bought a hole punch in that size. However, I couldn’t use it as my flowers were too large to fit inside of the hole punch. SIGH!

valentines gift 2 9

Cut out a 1 1/2 inch circle and use it as a template.

valentines gift 2 8

Then cut the circles out with scissors. Not as nice of a clean edge that I would like, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! Ya know?

Valentines gift 2 7

Next, add the next thing a girl wants for Valentine’s Day. BLING!!!

valentines gift 2 6

Cute! Now, you could add glitter or use a metallic pen at this point, to add some dimension… the possibilities are endless.

valentines gift 2 5

Next, unscrew your lip balm and lay your cut out over the balm. Replace the lid.  Ta Da! You have a really cute “flower” .

valentines gift 2 4

Glue a larger rhinestone onto the middle of your lip balm lid – A girl can’t have too much bling!

valentines gift 2 3

Next cut out a leaf for your flower. You could cut one out on your circuit or use a template, but I just winged it and cut it out with my scissors.

Roll the edges of the leaf onto a green stamp pad. By giving the edges some color you also add dimension. You could also use dark green chalk to rub on the edges.

valentines gift 2 2

Then use a sharpie or pen of your choice to write you Valentine’s Day message before gluing the leaf to the flower.

Valentines gift 2 1

Ta Da! Quick and easy. Practical and pretty. The perfect gift!

Only 14 more and I am done!

Until next time….



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