Valentine’s Day Table

Vday table 7

I shared with you my meager Valentine’s Day decorations last week. I guess it inspired me to go to a little more effort for the ones I love. I felt like it was the least I could do to set my Valentine’s Day table!

vday table 6

I usually decorate my formal dining table but this time I just wanted to do this on a smaller scale using things that I already had.  Plus, the kitchen table is really where my family eats almost every meal. And this is for them…

I have a confession to make. A few years ago I wanted some pink place mats to go on my Halloween table. Only thing was, it was impossible to find pink during Halloween. So I decided to spray paint some of the orange placemats I already had. It worked beautifully. I left one side orange and the other side pink. Just in case I wanted to have a complete set of either color. Truly one of my better ideas.

Today it’s the pink set.

vday table 5

Now for some fun layering! After the placemat I added red chargers that I use at Christmas. Dishes? Well you know I love white! And finally, red dessert plates. Eye candy!

vday table 4

Time for napkins. Since we are in the dining room and it is predominately black and white, I pulled out the black with white polka dot bandannas that I used at Halloween. My new napkin rings I bought last summer on sale. First time to use them…More Bling!

Vday table

Now this is where I add the silverware, but for some reason that picture has vanished.. yikes!

Some red Christmas glasses finished out the place setting.

vday table 2Now for the centerpiece.  I stole some greenery in a white urn from the living room. Sorry you can’t see it better… another pic mysteriously missing…surely not the camera operators fault?

Vday table 3

I had some leftover cut out hearts from the valentine garland that I made, so I used those to make placards with our names printed on them and even tucked a few into the greenery of the centerpiece.

For a little fun I added some “cupid’s arrows” I made from valentine’s straws, cutout hearts and some blingy feathers.

Vday table 1

My valentine’s day table is complete.  I thought about adding some bling sprinkled around the table top. Maybe some rose petals sprinkled here or there…but again, we eat here for every meal. I cringe at the thought of having to remove all of that every time I wash the table.  I kind of like it a little more simplified and stream lined – makes it easier for my family to see that I love them!

until next time….


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