Valentine’s Day Table

Valentines Day heart

It all started with a few grain sack hearts. “It” being my Valentine’s Day Table. I made these faux grain sack hearts, loved them so much that I had to use them somewhere that they would be seen! If you missed the how to video on the hearts, you can see it here.

Lagaly, table for four coming right up!

Here’s a simple way to put a special table together in just minutes.

Valentine's Day centerpiece


I always like to start with my centerpiece.

Thinking outside of the box, I used a pashmina wrap that I had, folded it in half and placed it down the center of my table.

Next, fresh flowers placed in a lacy covered vase.

To ground it all I used a small rectangle plate.

Add the flowers, a couple of X’s and O’s, candy and a strand of wooden red and white beads and you have a sweet little centerpiece!

Valentines Heart Shaped plate


These sweet little heart shaped plates were the first thing that came to mind when I started planning my table.

They were the same colors as my grain sack hearts!

Valentine's day glasses

Place setting

My place setting starts off with a pink and white check to tie in with the bows that hold the grain sack hearts onto the chairs.

Next, is a faux wood white charger plate.

The stack of plates consists of a white hobnail plate, salad plate and the sweet little heart dessert plate.

White linen napkin with gold napkin ring

A white linen napkin, gold napkin ring and silver and gold rimmed silverware  were next.

My glasses are from the Pioneer Woman collection.

Valentine's cupcake and stand


What Valentine’s Day dinner wouldn’t have dessert?

I chose to go with these yummy cupcakes placed in a golden crown that serves as a topper for the individual cupcake stands.

If I were using place cards, I would add a tag hanging from the crown with names on it!

Valentine's Day Table

This simple and super easy Valentine’s Day table took just a few minutes to put together.

The best part?

I used everything I already had with the exception of the cupcakes, flowers and candy.

Those were all picked up at the grocery store.

What better way to let the ones you love know that they are special and that you care about them than putting together a mini celebration the starts with the dinner table?

Until next time…


Valentine's cupcake and stand

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  1. Beautiful, Tammy! I love the crown, where did you get them? I’m doing some Mardi Gras gift baskets, they would be a great addition for that!

    1. Suzanne the crowns are actually part of cloches. The crowns are the base. They came from the Table Cloth Factory. I would love to see your Mardi Gras baskets, if you get a chance send pics. We love Mardi Gras!

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