Rub N Buff To The Rescue

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This is a story about how I took some old gold frames and made them a little less extra. Yep, you read that right. I can’t even believe I am saying it, but it’s true. Sometimes things can be a little too much. What do you do when that happens? Well, all I can say is Rub N Buff to the rescue!

Remember when I told you about changing up the guest room last month?

If you missed it, you can see it here.

Well, I wanted these prints, but they were way out of my budget for the room right now.

However, I did a little digging and found them at a super great price on Etsy!

I quickly ordered them and then started looking for frames.

Picture frame

Honestly, I couldn’t find what I wanted anywhere.

Or if I did, it was once again out of my budget.

Champagne taste on a beer budget, story of my life!

And then I remembered I had two of these frames in my stash.

Not exactly what I was looking for, but they were the right price.


Once small problem.

They were this orange gold color that didn’t really match the gold already in the room.

picture frame and rub n buff

Painting them wouldn’t work,  because I would loose the antiquing.

I was just about to start looking for frames again when I remembered Rub N Buff.

buffing picture frame

Rub n Buff is super easy to use.

Just rub it on, then with a soft cloth or paper towel, buff it til it shines.

And my favorite part of using Rub N Buff is that you can control how much you use.

Nope, not getting paid to tell you about this product I just really love using it.

I do suggest wearing gloves as it will stain your hands!

Picture frame with rub n buff on it

Rub n Buff is so easy to use and comes in several different colors.

I had Antique Gold on hand so that’s what I used.

What I love about using it, is how subtle the gold is.

In the photo above you can see the difference.

The soft, old gold tone was exactly what I was looking for!

two picture frames

And best of all, no more weird orange gold!

As you can see, the one on the left has a soft gold patina while the one on the right is still in all it’s orange gold glory.

The new soft gold was exactly what I needed in my new guest room!

Fram with Rub N Buff on it

I popped in a double white mat and now all that’s left it to add the new artwork!

So if you have something that needs a little toning down or even if it needs a little something extra this product is perfect for you.

Rub N Buff to the rescue!

Until next time…


Rub N Buff To The Rescue

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  1. Used Antique Gold R&B for first time last week on a lovely fruit in bowl print picked up at thrift store for 3 bucks. Frame was simple and dark brown but good shape. Used R&B on it and I was so pleased. Made all the difference in the world. Now excited to use other shades.

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