Vanity Drawers Repurposed

Vanity drawers repurposed are a good thing, right? Yes, but that wasn’t always the plan.

vanity-drawers-repurposed-8 I’ve had a vanity in my stack of furniture that I had planed on flipping for awhile now. I finally pulled the vanity out of the pile with the intent to make some minor repairs and give it a quick coat of paint. However, once I started on the repairs, I realized that the damage was so extensive that it would need to be totally rebuild. That was not in the plan!


While the vanity itself wasn’t  in great shape the drawers were pretty solid.  Repurposing the vanity drawers seemed to be the perfect solution!


I’ve been thinking of buying a tray for my kitchen. Instead of buying one, I decided to use one of the drawers to make one.

I wanted to add feet to the bottom of the draw. After digging in my stash of old drawer pulls and drawer knobs, I found four wooden pulls. They were a little short to attach to the bottom. To give them a little height, I added four wooden blocks to the bottom four corners.


I glued the wooden blocks to the bottom of the drawer.

To make sure that the feet were evenly spaced, I laid them out on the wooden blocks and traced around the bottom edge with a pencil. I found the middle of the circle and drilled a hole through both the block and the bottom of the drawer.


Then simply screwed the knob onto the bottom of the drawer.


I planned on painting the entire drawer, including the drawer handle, with white paint.  I loved the really cool handle that was on the drawer and didn’t want to paint over it, so I replaced it with another handle from my stash.


A few quick coats of paint and my kitchen tray was finished.  It is the perfect size for holding my kitchen utensils, salt and pepper shakers and other kitchen paraphernalia.


I have a huge aversion to kitchen clutter! The new kitchen tray will be the perfect solution to that problem. I may even add the cute wooden cutting blocks I’ve been drooling over to the kitchen!

Now if you will excuse me, I have six more vanity drawers to repurpose!



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