What I learned in Vegas!

I recently vacationed with my sister and niece in Las Vegas.  Wow. First time to visit there and let me tell you I am still in sensory overload!  On my drive to meet up with my girls, I listened to a humorist Jeanne Robertson on finding the humor in every day.  Good thought right?  So, I decided to see if I could not only find the humor in everyday but also how good design ties in with every day!  I gotta say that I didn’t think that I  would find much design wisdom in Vegas but,  I was wrong!  Not only did I find a lot to of humorous things in Vegas, I found a ton of design wisdom too!  So instead of writing about “What I did on Vacation” here is “What I learned in Vegas!”

1. Elton John Was Right!

Elton JohnElton Paid a cool million for his piano at Caesar’s Palace that you see him playing above- well it is a bit blurry but it’s hard to take a picture when your dancing too!  Elton knew that you should put your money in your statement pieces.  His statement piece is a piano that has pictures scrolling across it and also sounds pretty darn good too!  Our statement piece would be a really great sofa with killer lines in a neutral color.                                                              LESSON LEARNED: Go traditional, classic, clean lines, neutral color and add some pop with your scenery – Elton did and the result was fantastic!

2. Invest in great art – THAT YOU LOVE!

BLues Cafe ARtI gotta tell you that the art there was fantastic!   I found this outside of the Blues Cafe.  I LOVE it.  Would I have it in my home – no, probably not.  But I am drawn to the all of the color and texture!

Chihuilly Glass Gold NuggetI have a weakness for true hand blown glass. When I walked into my hotel and saw that Dale Chihuly had done the ceiling lighting and wall art I let out the girliest scream ever!  My niece and I share a love of his work and we immediately began taken pictures and drooling.  My sister kindly asked us to please start speaking in english! Would I have Dale Chihuly in my home?  OH, Yeah!  Maybe not on this scale but you bet ya!

Chihuilly bar artMore Chihuly…

Chihuly exit lightand one more…. last one I promise!  Sorry they aren’t the best quality… did I mention that I was drooling????

LESSON LEARNED:  Use great art that you love.  It doesn’t have to be expensive – but you should love it!  ALOT!

3. Lighting is everything!

4 Queens VegasYou didn’t think I would go to Vegas and not find a crown theme somewhere did you?  My point here is they put up the brightest, biggest neon lights not only so you could see but ,to get your attention.  And it did.  Paris VegasJust like this replica of the Eiffel Tower, your lighting should look great when it is not lit….

Paris at night in VegasBut  your lighting should really make your room look AWESOME  when you turn the lights on!

LESSON LEARNED: Not only should you have good overhead lighting for tasks, but also think about lighting at night.  Ambient lighting can really set the mood of your room.

4. Less is More.

Flamingo girl sign

This is the only show girl you will find me taking a picture of!  But the point is those girls don’t wear much in the clothing department and they get a ton of attention!  Sometimes – Less IS More!  I think when it comes to decorating there are times when we are tempted to over decorate a room, vignette, coffee table, etc.  If you are having trouble with making a look come together, stop and take some pieces out.  You just might find you like a little less!

LESSON LEARNED:  Less decorating can actually be “more”.  Don’t over decorate a room!

5. Presentation is Everything!

Martini sign

Let’s face it, we all look better when we put on a pretty outfit! In the photo above you can see that the business below is just an average building.  You probably would just drive on buy without even noticing the building.  Except for one thing.  The signs.  Those signs guarantee that you take a second look!  That’s why we add great throw pillows, throws, plants and fun art to our houses.  It’s why we wear fine jewelry when we dress up!

LESSON LEARNED: How we present our home matters.  Not just to outsiders but to those of us who live in our homes too.  Stylize your home.  Make it special.  Make it your haven.  Presentation REALLy does matter!

And my last tip for the day…..

6. There is No Place Like Home!

After all of the shows, museums, shopping , walking, people watching, girl bonding, eating, and relaxing I could’t wait to get home.  I loved every minute of it,but it gave me a new appreciation of where I live.  Vacation recharged me and made me eager to come home and tackle my next home improvement room challenge.  And well, let’s admit it – it was nice to sleep in my own bed!



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