Blame it on Pinterest!

While I have been waiting for all of the stuff that I have ordered on-line to come in so that I can complete at least one room – PLEASE! JUST. ONE. ROOM! I have started a few other projects.  Imagine that!  One spur of the moment project was my office bathroom cabinets.  Normally you would never find me painting them anything but white.  I like color on the walls, in my fabrics, even in the furniture. But cabinetry? No way!  So what came over me here? I have no idea.  Blame it on Pinterest!  I was looking at a piece of furniture on there that had the coolest finish.  The next thing I know I am doing my version of that finish on my office bathroom cabinets.

office bath 2They have a little Duck Egg, a little Pure White, and a little Louis Blue.  Followed by clear and dark wax.

Office bath 3This is a tiny bathroom that has no windows so getting good pictures is impossible. plus it has three doors!  Talk about a nightmare.  Can you say poor design? Now that I have cool cabinets, the walls must be repainted.  And a new countertop and sink would be nice.  OH, and who puts carpet in a bathroom???? Seriously?  It has to go but I had that planned well before the cabinet paint!

Office bath 5

False drawer front detail…

Office bath 4Door detail and close up of the glass knobs.   The glass knobs were purchased at Hob Lob 50 % off.  Gotta Love that! I think this little make over may have cost me a total of $20.00.   Not bad for a total cabinet upgrade!



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