$100 Room Challenge Reveal

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100 Room Challenge

It’s Reveal Day! Week 5. This has been one crazy month of painting, painting ,more painting, sewing and did I mention painting? I was painting until this past Monday, but I am so thankful to be done and sharing the $100 Room Challenge Reveal with you!

A quick thanks to Erin of Lemons, Lavender and Laundry for hosting this challenge.  It’s such a great way to get a room makeover done in one month, for $100 or less.

Goals for the Guestroom

This is the “before” room.

Not bad, just a lot of beige and it needed to be pulled together.

My goal was to add color and make it feel more like a room a guest would be happy to spend some time in.

guest room, bed, gray walls

Week 2

Week two was when all the painting started.

We started with the ceiling and  finished up with the walls.

chandelier, bed

Week 3

Week 3 we added a new/old chandelier that had been gifted to me.

New curtains were hung and  I started painting the artwork.

Lamps, curtain rods and accessories were all painted.

Bender board wall

Week 4

Week 4 we added a focal wall!

I am so glad that we did.

It’s subtle, but oh what a change it made!

We started painting the nightstands.

guest room, blue bed


And this is where I finished!

Remember I said that I painted, a lot?

I painted just about everything in this room except the bed and the chair.

Nightstand, dresser, mirror, lamps, curtain rod, accessories, the walls, the ceiling and the art work.

It makes me tired just thinking about it.

green night stand, bed

I have to say that this room took me WAY out of my comfort zone with the color.

I wanted to leave everything white.


However, the room begged me for color.

And boy, did it get it!

Green dresser, gold mirror, navy accessories

Want to know a secret?

I’m not even a big fan of green!

How weird is that?

But, when it came time to paint this was just the color that was right.

green dresser, pink chair

For years we called this bedroom the pink flamingo room, so there was a ton of pink with the navy.

Hot pink and navy are my two favorite colors!

The pink was great, there just needed to be a little less of it.$100 Room Challenge Reveal

While this isn’t a very big room, now it sure lives big.

A friend told me that it was no longer one big beige room, now it was a happy room.

Who wouldn’t want guests to stay in a room that makes them happy?

green dresser, mirror, lamp

So how did I do on budget?

I’m so relieved to say that I did great.

I spent a grand total of $89.58.

Paint:  $40.34

Bender Board:    $24.75

Curtains:   $14.50

Accessories:  9.99

Which left me with $10.42.

guest room, blue bed

One last look at the new guest room.

It makes me happy, so I’m calling this $100 Room Challenge Reveal a success!

Now, please join me in visiting all the other participants.

I can’t wait to see their reveals!

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$100 Room Challenge reveal

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Tammy from Patina and Paint


  1. I thought I loved the white, but Nooo, I love the saturation of color with the navy and hot pink and green, didn’t think I was going to like the green but it really does give it that pop❤️❤️

  2. Tammy, what is it with the power of paint?? I absolutely love this room and all of it’s shine and color. I would be one happy guest for many reasons to stay there. One being able to spend time and visit you and two the room is just so inviting and comfy. Great job!

  3. Man, oh man, Tammy! You are a wizard with paint and color choice! This looks amazing, really. Love the mix of pink, green and blue. Great job!

  4. Colorful and classic! I love this green, blue, and pink combination- its traditional and fun. Just a lovely thought out space- good job

  5. For someone that doesn’t even like the color green very much, you sure used it in an amazing way in this room! I love those green nightstands, along with the dresser. Such much more life in this space! Thank you so much for joining the challenge this round! Enjoy that beautiful bedroom!

    1. Thank you Erin, you made my day! And an even bigger thank you for hosting the $100 Room Challenge. So much fun, so much inspiration from other and I love that there is a budget and a deadline! ( My husband does too! lol)

  6. Wow tammy!! First I have to say between the chandelier and feature wall I’m blown away.. the entire room has so much more charm and personality. The green was a perfect choice to add color. This guest room has a winning new look

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