$4 Michaels Grab Bag

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I love grab bags! I remember when I was a little girl begging my mom to buy me a grab bag. Every once in awhile, I would get lucky and she would let my sister and I have one!   Today when I when I was checking out at Michaels the clerk offered me a $4 Michaels grab bag , I couldn’t resist!

It isn’t really about what’s inside of the bag for me, but rather the mystery or the possibility of what could be in the bag.

Not only were there bags for $4, but they also had a few big boxes priced at $4 also! You know I couldn’t resist.

So what was inside?

Upon opening the box I found a couple of bags and some loose stuff. I pulled out the first bag and found a treasure trove!

1 – Free spirit print, 1 breast cancer nail decals, 1 pink sensory ball, 1 – 8 piece Martha Stewart Halloween wash tape set, 1 Captain America 100 piece puzzle, 1 Despicable me figurine, 1 – Despicable me Mineez ball, 1 Fairy House, 1- one eyed owl, 1 peacock feather floral pic, 5 – 5 yard trim cards, and 1 Halloween mini cupcake baking cups.

So much fun! My fav’s out of the bag are the fairy house and the Washi tape. I will use the fabric trim scrapbooking for sure.

Bag number 2 wasn’t as fun as bag number 1, however it held some fun items too.

1 – Halloween Sticker scene kit, 1 pirate flashlight, 1 clear stamp and stencil set, 1 -11 X 16 Cactus print, 1 plastic “ghouls gone wild” letter set, 2 Despicable me mineez sets, 1 faux artichoke, 1 dried flower bundle, 1 Disney princes 100 piece puzzle, 1 min owl ( sans eyes!) 1 resin duck, 3 – 5 yard trim cards, 1 – 16 yard Halloween adhesive ribbon set,  and 1 Martha Stewart 8 piece Washi Tape set.

Next up, the box. The box held 15 bundles of dried flowers!

2 Gerbera Daisy floral pics.

2 headless rat skeleton floral pics. Who steals the heads off of skeletons?

I think my $4 Michaels grab bag, or box, was well worth the $4. If nothing else, the warm and fuzzy feelings that I got from the trip down memory lane was priceless. It really is the little things in life.

Will I use all of it? Probably not. However, I will use a lot of it! The rest I will give to the littles in my family or donate to someone else.

Now it’s time to get back to what I really went shopping for – Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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