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It is officially time to start planning the Queen’s Christmas party! The past few years, we have been trying to mix things up a bit by starting new a fun things to do. We’ve been together so long that it was time to change things up a bit. A week or so ago, Queen Siana sent me a picture on Facebook, suggesting a Christmas sock exchange!

My first response was “A what?” However, after looking at the photo from Thinkerete Lifestyle on Facebook, I was hooked. 

So how do you host a Christmas sock party? It’s super easy.

  1. Find some super cute Christmas socks.
  2. Gather up inexpensive fun items. I think the list here is endless. I ‘m not telling what I will be putting into mine, however I think nail polish, hand lotion, fun earrings, a fancy pen, small picture frame, bubble bath or bombs, lip gloss and some candy would be an awesome start!
  3. Once you’ve found your items, put them into your socks.
  4. Finally, grab some super cute ribbon and tie the tops of both socks together! I added a cute tiny ornament onto my ribbon for some added fun!

How fun and easy is that?

I will be assigning a number to each Christmas sock bundle as it arrives to the party.

Then I will have the numbers 1 thru 8 written on slips of paper, which each Queen will then draw.  The Queen that draws the number 2 will get the sock #2. Simplicity at it’s best!

When I was reading about how to have a Christmas sock exchange, it also recommended having everyone put on the socks you were gifted and then “put your right foot in” for a photo!

I think Queen Siana had a wonderful idea. I can’t wait to see what wonderful goodies each Queen puts into their socks!

Until next time,


Tammy from Patina and Paint