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Yay! It’s Ten on the 10th and we’ve got a theme this month. Ten talented and fun bloggers are sharing their ideas for gifts under $10.00! So grab a cup of coffee, tea or pumpkin spice latte, sit back and prepare to have some fun. I have a ton of pictures, so please hang in there with me!

Wrapping a present in an unusual way is as fun to me as finding the perfect present. I needed something fun to wrap small presents for my pre-teen nieces. After searching Pinterest I found Snow globe mason jars and knew that they would be perfect!


I have been in love with snow globes since I saw my first one at age 5, so when I found this idea it was like the heavenly choir was singing “here’s your sign, girl!”

If you want to make one, here’s what you will need:

1 – plastic ornament ( you will only use 1/2 of the ornament, make sure the half fits the top of the mason jar)

1 – mason jar

Miniature stuff to put in your snow globe.

Glue and glue gun


Ribbon or trim to decorate the jar lid.

Take your ornament apart, then cut the  plastic loop off using wire cutters.

Lightly sand off the rough edges left from cutting the tab off. Be careful not to scratch the globe! Don’t be me!

I cut a piece of white glitter foam to cover the lid.

Since my pre-teens are glitter girls, I chose these cute glitter reindeer. Glue the reindeer to the top of the glitter foam. ( make sure your decor isn’t too tall for the dome of the globe. I had to cut my reindeers legs off!)

Add a few ornaments. I liked the idea of the ornaments being mobile, so I didn’t glue them down. If you want a more stationary, permanent look, glue away.

I then added snow.

Glue your dome to the top of the jar lid using E6000. Your snow globe is done and ready to be decorated on the outside.

My first thought was to use this awesome hot pink trim.

However, the retro silver tinsel won out. I added some hot pink and white baker’s twine for a little more embellishment and to tie a gift tag to, and my snow globe was done!

Total cost for each jar came to $2.77! With everything I bought I could make 4 jars at that price.

I hit Walgreens 4 for $5.00 isle for some sweet girly goodies to tuck into my snow globe jar.

That brings my total cost for my snow globe gift to $7.77! So cute.

One down, three more to go!



Now it’s time to join me and visit my talented blogger friends to see what gifts under $10.00 they will be giving!

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  1. This is EXTRA cute!!!!! I have always had a thing for snow globes or anything in a jar with snow.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Lisa, I thought these were kind of cute until I saw yours…. I LOVE your cute Christmas trees. Definitely going to try to make them!

  2. I love this! Would you believe I just bought all the stuff to make something like this? I thought I would put cookies or hot chocolate mix in the jars but this is even better. 🙂

    1. Welcome Katie! Thanks so much and I hope you had as much fun over at Poofing the Pillows as I do… Love Stacey. I follow Lets Add Sprinkles too…thanks for stoping by!!!

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