4th of July Lanterns


4th of July lanterns at night

Welcome to Under $10 on the 10th! This month our theme is the 4th of July and I am making some of the cutest 4th of July lanterns.

Under $10 on the 10th

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blue lantern

I found these pretty blue hanging lanterns at the DollarTree and knew immediately that I had to make some lighting for the 4th of July!

Supplies to make a 4th of July lantern


Here’s what you will need to make a  few 4th of July lanterns.

Wooden stars in various sizes

Acrylic paint or paint pens

Bakers twine

Tea lights Or LED Bullet Light

Scrap ribbon


Folk Art Extreme Glitter Pain

Painting wooden stars

Painting the Stars

Step 1: Paint the stars.

I chose to use some acrylic paint pens that I had on hand to paint each star, however you could use acrylic paint applied with a paint brush.

My stars were painted a traditional red, white and blue.

glitter paint

Add a little Bling

Since it’s the 4th, I thought that these stars needed a little bling.

Once the paint was dry on the stars I painted a top of coat of glitter paint.

ribbon cris crossed

Put A Bow On It

Next, let’s make a criss cross bow.

To do this, cut 2  4″ – 5″ pieces of ribbon, dovetailing the ends of each piece of ribbon.

Lay them out in a “criss cross” pattern, then pinch the center of the bow.

Using about a 12″ piece of small ribbon, wrap around the center of the bow and tightly tie.

Do NOT trim off the excess ribbon you just used to tie the bow.

red, white and blue bow

Add Ribbon to the Lantern

Using the extra ribbon length, tie your bow to the side of the lantern.

attaching a light to a wooden star

Add Lighting

I’ve had these tiny LED lights for some time so I decided to use what I had on hand.

However, you could also use tea lights.

These lights are so tiny that I hate fishing them out of the lanterns every time I want to turn them off and on.

So I decided to make something to help me out.

On top of these mini led lights is a small loop.

Using a 3″ piece Baker’s twine, I threaded it through the loop and tied a knot.

Once that was done I glued the other end to the top side of a red star.

Be sure to place the twine on the right hand side of the star.

attaching a light to a wooden star

Pull the light and the twine down and underneath the red star.

Next, place glue on the very right hand edge of your red star.

red, white and blue stars with a light

Butt a blue star up against the red star, then glue a white star on top.

This is what it will look like.

The light will hang from the bottom when you pick it up.

stars on top of a jar

Now just drop the light into the lantern, placing the stars across the mouth of the lantern.

This makes it super easy to turn the light off and on.

4th of July Light

Using A Tea Light

But what if you don’t have a tiny LED light and you just want to use a tea light instead?

No problem!

Just add a cute wooden star to your bow, tie it to the lantern and pop a tea light into the center!

Easy peasy!

So how much did my lanterns cost?

Tea Light Lantern

lantern: $1.25

Tea Lights: $1.25

Bow: $0 I used scraps that I had.

Wooden Star: A large bag cost $2.29 ( I’d pro-rate the cost but there are a ton in the bag so I have no idea!)

Paint: $0 I used what I had.

Total Cost: $4.79

4th of July lantern at night

Small LED Lantern:

Lantern: $1.25

Small LED light: They come 15 to a package at $8.99 a bag. Making them .54 cents each.

Wooden Stars: $2.29

Everything else I had on hand.

Total: $4.08 each!

Even if you bought the ribbon ( the Dollar Tree has some really cute ribbon) there is still almost $5.00 left to grab some.

4th of July lanterns at night

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4th of July lanterns

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  1. Tammy I am going to look for those lanterns at my dollar store. They are such a beautiful shade of blue. Love the idea for getting the lights out. Creative and functional.

    1. Thanks Corine! I love the blue on the lanterns too! When I was checking out the lady behind me commented that she loved them. The clerk said “Girl! We have a ton more on isle 2!” lol Fingers crossed you find some.

  2. Tammy, what a cute idea to dress up some lanterns. They are perfect to use indoors and out. I love your choice of ribbon and what a wonderful idea you created with the stars to make it easier to retrieve the lights to turn them on and off. Such creativity. I hope you have a happy summer.

    1. Thank you so much Marsha! I hate fishing those little lights out of containers, so I had to come up with something to make it easier!

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