I Love Frogs


floral arrangement

I love frogs!

No, not our little green hopping friends.

But rather the frogs we use to arrange flowers.

What is a floral frog?

It is a device used to help you arrange flowers or attach them to the vase.



I love fresh flowers in my home.

So much so that one of my goals when we moved into our new house was to grow a cutting flower garden.

Nothing makes me happier than being able to go out into the garden and cut flowers that I have grown and arrange them for my home.

When arranging a floral arrangement, a frog is so helpful.

It keeps the flowers in place and makes putting a floral arrangement together a breeze!

Frogs have been around forever and come in many different sized, styles and materials.

And in recent years, frogs have been used for many things other than flower arrangements.

I’ve seen them used to hold nut cups, place cards, menus and a host of other things.

Mason jars with frogs

I typically use two styles of frogs for my floral arrangements.

The first being like these ones that screw onto a mason jar.

I love that they have the small wire criss crossed to hold up the flowers.

When I need to add water I can unscrew the top, lift up the lid with the flowers still in place and add water all without disturbing the flower arrangement.

I have several in this style that have different types of jars attached.


jar with flower frog

The second type of frog is like this one.

The vase sports a ceramic lid with holes in the top.

Both frogs work extremely well and facilitate you in arranging a flawless flower arrangement.

using washing tape as a frog

So what happens when you don’t have a frog?

Well, you simply make your own by using floral tape!

Start by creating a grid, criss crossing the tape.

And if you don’t have any floral tape?

Washi tape or scotch tape works beautifully!

arranging flowers with a frog

Once you’ve chosen your vase and frog all that’s left to do is add flowers.

Frogs make arranging flowers super simple and are so versatile in many other areas.

And that my friends is why I love frogs!

Until next time…


I love Frogs

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    1. You are so right! The frog would be great with either fresh or faux flowers. Not sure why I never thought to do that! Giving it a try for sure. Thanks for the idea Terrie!

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