One Room At A Time – Friday Reveal Week 2

One Room At A Time - Friday Update Week 2

Welcome to the One Room At A Time -Friday Reveal week 2. Except it”s not Friday, it’s Thursday. And it’s week 3, not 2! Have I lost you yet? Terri, Teresa and I are all in the Under $10 on the 10th group and it just so happens that the 10th falls on this Friday. Tomorrow. The day we normally do our reveal.

So we decided to share what we’ve gotten done a day early.

Which makes for a short week AND that means I didn’t get near enough done as I had hoped!

The good news?

It also gives me more time to make a few more decisions!

So what did I get done?

Hand towels on a towel rack

Changed Out the Towel Bar

I actually had this done at the very end of last week, but forgot to add it in to last weeks update.

This is what the towel  bar looked like before.

It was huge for this small space.

I knew when I measured for the new wall sconces that it would have to go, as it would get in the way of the sconces.

I took down the old bar and repaired the wall.

Once the wall was repaired and painted, I found the center of the wall and hung my new towel ring.

This is what it looks like now.

So Much better!

toilet paper holder

Replace the Toilet Paper Holder

I did the same thing with the toilet paper holder.

This one matches the towel ring and came as a set.


Replace the Toilet Handle

The toilet area was a little too plain, so I replaced the handle on the toilet.

gold toilet handle

With this sleek gold handle.

I love that there is a little gold all the way around the room.

black vanity

Touch Up Paint

I deep cleaned the vanity and the cabinet doors by the toilet.

Black cabinets

Then gave any dings or chips a touch up of paint.

Wallpaper in the half bath

That’s it for One Room At A Time- Friday Reveal Week 2.

So while it really doesn’t look all that different a lot of small things were added this week.

What do I need to do next?

Well, I still haven’t found a rug or hand towels for this room.

I need something to go above the toilet that isn’t artwork.

I need to revamp or change out the artwork to the left of the vanity.

And something fun needs to be done to that weird inset area under the cabinets next to the toilet.

So really?

Not that much! HA!

I’ll let you know how it goes next week!

In the mean time, please join me in visiting Terri and Teresa to see what they’ve done this week!

Decorate And More With Tip

Teresa half bath

Through A Vintage Door

Until next time…



Towel ring with towel

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  1. It’s coming together nicely and every little thing adds and counts to the final look even if it’s not noticeable ..
    I felt that way too!
    Can’t wait to see that end result it will be gorgeous!! So exciting! Great Job Tammy!

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