4th of July Placemats

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It’s my favorite time of the month! 10 on the Tenth. Ten bloggers sharing fun ideas for under $10.00 on the tenth day of the month. Today I’m sharing how to make 4th of July placemats.

This project is so fun and easy. It would be perfect if you have older children that are home for the summer and need a quick project! No children? No worries, it’s still a fun project for you too!

Find or make a star pattern. I made mine by tracing around a plate that I had, then adding 2 inches.

I found this bright blue burlap fabric at Hob Lob for $5.99 a yard. ( It took about 1 3/4 yard to make 4 placemats as I doubled my fabric.)  If you use Hob Lob’s 40% off coupon, the fabric will cost around $7.50.

Once you have your star pattern, cut out 8 stars. I actually left my fabric doubled and cut out 2 at a time.

Next, place two of the stars together and sew a seam about 1/2 inch from the edge. If you don’t have a sewing machine you could always use fabric glue or no sew tape.

I wanted my placemats to be a little casual, so I took a pin and made fringe by unraveling the edges. (Yikes! I need a manicure!)

Once you have your “frayed” edges, cut the fringe evenly.

This is what mine looked like after I made fringe on all sides.

Now for the fun part – decorating it! I used a rubber star stamp and multi-surface paint to make my pattern. If you don’t have multi-surface paint you can always use fabric paint or add fabric medium to regular acrylic paint.

Just apply the paint to the stamp, and get creative.

This is what my finished placemat looks like.

Once your placemats are completely dry, it’s time to set your 4th of July table!

I think that the star placemats are the perfect addition to my 4th of July table!

I used a mix of plates for a little bit of added fun.

These placemats were well under $10.00 and only took a few hours one rainy day afternoon to make.  I couldn’t be happier with them!


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  1. Tammy, this project is so cute. I love the blue color and the stamped stars. I’m going to check out this fabric at Hobby Lobby. Maybe a runner? Great idea and I’m so glad you shared it.

  2. You are so talented!
    I love theses!
    I am looking forward to a summer break, finding our new home, and getting my blogging mojo back!
    Thank you for inspiring me:)

    White Spray Paint 10 on the 10th

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