Beep’s Baby Shower

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It’s been raining here for most of the week, so I thought it would be a great time to finish up Beep’s baby shower invitations.

My sisters and I are hosting a shower for our Niece, Laura. When it came time to order invitations I volunteered to make them. Yep. Totally lost my mind.

I am so  blaming it on Pinterest.  While surfing the world of all things baby, I saw the cutest diaper invitations. Of course, I just had to make them!

Luckily, I have a Silhouette machine and silhouette had a pattern for the diaper invitations! If you don’t have a Silhouette machine, don’t worry, there are several patterns on Pinterest that you can download and cut out with scissors if you want to make some.

I found the prettiest pearlized turquoise paper. Using my silhouette, I cut out the diaper design.

Once the invitation was cut out, I added a lace overlay to the bottom half of the invitation that folds up.

Since this was such an unusual shape, I knew there was no way I was going to be able to figure out paper placement for printing. This girl is NOT that tech savvy. If you are, go on with your bad self! However, if you are like me, then simply print it out on card stock and then glue it onto the inside of the invitation.

I used a hole punch to create holes on each side of the invitation for ribbon to thread through.

Thread the ribbon through the holes and tie to keep the invitation shut.

I made these small tags with Beep’s real name on it and add some bling.

Before tying the bow, attach the tag to the ribbon.

Finish tying the bow and you have finished the invitation!

I am not gonna lie, these were time consuming because there were so many steps.  Adding the bling took a little time, mainly because it was so small.

When I was finished I sent a picture to my sisters and my niece. They loved them! Proof that the time, effort and love put into these were well worth it!

Invitations are finished, now it’s time to make the cupcakes, table centerpieces and rest of the decorations for Beep’s baby shower. Darn you Pinterest!

Needless to say, we are so ready for Beep to get here.


Tammy from Patina and Paint

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  1. “Yep. Totally lost my mind.” I love it. At least you’re honest. Homemade is a LOT of work – whether it’s cooking, crafting, gardening. But it’s the best – made with love. It won’t be easily forgotten. So adorable.

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