A Different Kind of Tissue Holder

Today I want to share a different kind of tissue holder with you. Since I’ve been hiding inside due to the heat, I’ve been on Pinterest. Imagine that! If I’m not on Pinterest I’m stalking my favorite bloggers checking out their latest posts.

tissue holder

This is the standard tissue holder here at the Castle. Not that inspiring, is it?

Have you been to the blog Redhead Can Decorate? Julie has the cutest house. This week she shared how to make a 5 minute tissue holder. I was hooked! I had to try and make one for myself.

A different kind of tissue holder

Julie was right, it was super easy.

All you need is a 32oz. mason jar and tissue.


Open your tissue box from the side of the box.


Take the tissue out of the box.

You will only use 1/3 of the tissue at a time.

More than 1/3 is too much for the jar to hold.

If you put in too much, you won’t be able to pull out the tissue easily.

Once you have your third, fold over the top  tissue as seen above.

a different kind of tissue holder

Fold the tissue into a “roll” starting at from bottom, working to the top.

Then plop it into your jar.

That’s it!mason jar

I could have said my tissue holder was done and called it good, but you know they don’t call me Patina and Paint for nothing.

Since this tissue holder was going in my newly updated bathroom, I wanted to add a little color.

The easiest way to do that is to paint my jar!

First thing I did was tape off where I wanted my paint to go. ( Be sure to clean your jar really well so that the paint will adhere!)


I used a multi surface paint in a pretty pink blush color.

paint brush

I gave the jar two coats of paint, making sure that each coat dried thoroughly in between coats.

painted mason jar

Once both coats were dry, I removed the tape and painted a band of gold on top of the pink paint.

Gold is a bit thin, so be prepared to put on several coats of paint.

a different kind of tissue holder

TA DA!  This may be a different kind of tissue holder, but it goes perfectly in my guest bathroom.

It gives the bathroom a much needed punch of color and it’s super functional.

Be sure to go to Julie’s blog and check out her tissue holder and her new bathroom.

So darn cute!

Until next time…..


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    1. Yes, it would Stacey! Julie had one cute idea for sure. It’s my kind of craft too – cute and easy.

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