Beep’s Adirondack Chairs

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I’m happy to say that I have a lot of projects going here at the Castle. I tend to get a little lazy when the weather starts to get hotter. And boy, is it hot! The past few days have had me painting Beep’s Adirondack chairs.

painting chairs

Last week on my visit to the grocery store, I spied these sweet miniature Adirondack chairs. They are just the perfect size for Beep!

pink chairs

I called Seester #3, Beep’s Granny, to see if Beep has her very own chairs.

No answer.

So I called Seester #2.

Her response? “Buy them Gidget!”  ( No idea where she got that name!)

So after much discussion, I bought not one but two.

What if Beep has a friend over?

Maybe she might want to have a tea party?

One must be prepared!

These sweet chairs are so cute I could have left them alone, but I didn’t.

I decided to give them a little personality with paint!

dawn dish soap

The first thing I did was give the chairs a good scrubbing with Dawn dish soap.


Once the chairs were complete dry, I drew on my pattern with a chalk pencil.

I love these white chalk pencils because they are easily erased.

I can never paint inside of the lines!

painting chairs

Once I had the pattern drawn on, it was time to paint.

I used acrylic multi-surface paint to make sure the paint adhered.

More and more lately I’ve found myself using this paint because it is so versatile.

No more buying a lot of specialty paints for one tiny project.

Once the paint dried overnight, I gave the paint a couple of coats of clear spray paint to protect the painted area.

Beeps Adirondack chair

Here’s the finished chair number one!

I love how bright and happy the little chairs are.

Beeps adirondack chair

Here’s chair number two!


Painting Beep’s adirondack chairs was so much fun.

I hope they make her as happy as they make me!

The bright colors, and they are bright, are so cheerful.


This must be the week of Beep, because my next project is a toddler Tee Pee for her 1st birthday party!

I promise to share that with  you soon.

Until next time,


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