Pretty Napkin Rings

There is nothing quite like setting a pretty table. Pretty napkin rings. Fun Dishes. Colorful glasses and white plates. Beautiful flowers.

table setting

Yes, please. I’ll take all of those.  However, pretty napkin rings and napkins may be my favorite part of the table setting.

 pretty napkin ring

My husband made these beautiful napkin rings for me.

napkin and napkin ring

They go perfectly with my favorite napkins.

The idea to make them came from Rita at Panoply. I tell you the woman is a genius!

I could not be happier with them.

The pretty turquoise color.

The rose gold buckles with shiny bling.

table setting

Now that the holiday is over. It’s time to take down the red, white and blue and replace it with refreshing summer colors.

For me, that’s cool refreshing colors with a splash of hot colors.

Colors that match my favorite napkins.

Luckily, I had everything except my new turquoise glasses.

I wasn’t looking for them, but a trip to Hobby Lobby’s 66% off section changed that.

I swear, I may have a serious problem with buying dishes and pillows! No lie.


Once I had my place settings worked out, it was time to work on my centerpiece.

Of course, I used fresh flowers from my garden.

It’s pretty hot here.

Which means my garden is struggling, but I managed to find a few flowers to make an arrangement.

You can barely see them, but if you look closely you can see another Hob Lob buy.

The sweet  tiny blue vases.


Isn’t this the sweetest bird?

My sweet friend Darlene gave him to me.

I love tucking something unexpected into my arrangement.

flower arrangement

Here’s the finished centerpiece.

It’s not a fancy formal arrangement, but it’s my favorite kind.

In the summer I like a more relaxed theme.


Of course, my chalkboard got an new design.

Make today ridiculously amazing!

Don’t you love the thought of every day being amazing?

I do!

Pretty napkin ring

One more picture of pretty napkin rings.

I promise!

I asked The Hubs to make me a navy set of napkin rings with silver buckles for the dining room.

Napkin ring love y’all!

Until next time….


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  1. Beautiful! And I share your problem with buying dishes (all table-related items) and pillows. Good thing HL is 60 miles away from me or I’d be heading out for some of those glasses!

    1. Thanks Rita! I’ve been rearranging glasses all day to find a spot for the new ones…..Lol The Hubs is definitely giving me the eye. 60 Miles!!!! I’m not sure how I would survive.

  2. Oh my goodness, this is so much fun! Now how did you make those napkin rings? I missed something. Maybe the instructions are at Rita’s blog. 🙂

    I love seeing peeks of your house. What color is the paint in your kitchen?

    1. I didn’t make them, The Hubs did. He’s not only good a woodworking, but at leather work too. He was making me cuffs that look like the napkin rings. I posted them earlier. Rita saw them and suggested that The Hubs make me napkin rings. She is a genius! LOL!

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