A Garden Themed Hutch

I’ve  been spending a lot of time outside in the garden. So much so that you would think that I’d be tired of it, however when it came time to decorate in the breakfast room a garden themed hutch was the first thing that came to my mind!

When decorating this hutch I had 3 goals:

  1. Use my white dishes
  2. Bring the garden in doors using greenery and outdoor elements
  3. To use what I had on hand or make items to co-ordinate with what I had.

White dishes on top of a hutch

When styling my hutch I like to start at the top and work my way down.

I always use lots of my white dishes, however since it was garden themed it stands to reason that I would use greenery!

I made a seed packet, flower and leaf garland to hang from the top of the hutch.

Green lettuce dishes with flower pot and cloche

Shelf 1

The first shelf is a little taller than the rest and has grooves to hold plates.

So it always receives and interesting mix.

I have my ever present white dishes, with my lettuce green salad plates in front.

Flower Pots filled with moss and birds nest filled with eggs under cloches bring the garden  to this shelf.

White dishes with a wreath

The center of shelf 1 has a large white platter, a green wreath and the sweetest white birds.

Hydrangea print

Shelf 2

This shelf is the smallest as it has two tiny cubbies on either side of it.

Because it also has grooves for plates, I added in more of the lettuce green salad plates flanked by more of my white dishes.

To bring the garden inside, I added in a hydrangea print that I hung in the middle on the back wall using command strips.

garden vignette on stacks of dishes

Shelf 3 

Shelf 3 is really the top of the hutch’s base cabinet, so it’s much deeper than the other shelves.

Which means that you can really decorate this area.

I usually do 3 small vignettes which makes decorating this area more manageable.

On the left side I have a stack of both white dishes and my lettuce green salad plate.

A small plant and a tiny bird bring the garden into this area.

Birds nest in a bowl

On the right hand side of the cabinet I almost always use this large white bowl.

Mainly because it’s so big I don’t have many places to store it.

However, this time I love it here!

Filled with a ton of greenery, a large birds nest sits on top.

A tiny blue bird sits on her throne right in the middle.

Grows Sign with potting supplies

Let’s Get Crafty

And last but not least, this vignette makes the entire hutch design for me.

I started with the flower pots, seed packets and decorative trowel and put them on a stack of green and white napkins.

It was a cute vignette, however it had no height, making this area look really plain.

Time to make a few things!

I started by making my Grow sign.

A scrap piece of wood painted with the word grow surrounded by some stained wooden beads.

Simple but perfect, for this area,  at the same time.

tulip watercolor print

Now my vignette was starting to look better but there was a hole on the left side that needed filling.

I had this small frame that was the perfect size for the hole, however I didn’t have any art to put in it.

So I did a quick tulip watercolor to put in it.

It gives the perfect touch of color that I wasn’t even aware that this area needed.

That completes my hutch decor.

I think I did pretty good using my white dishes, bringing the garden inside and using what I had on hand.

And if I didn’t have it, I made it using things I already had in my studio.

Turns out that I really like a garden themed hutch in my breakfast room.

Makes me wonder why I never did it before?

Until next time….


A Garden Themed Hutch

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    1. Thanks Terrie. I’m enjoying the garden so much this year. Although with it getting so hot I may be inside more now!

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