Getting Ready for Easter

This has been such a busy week. So busy that getting ready for Easter has been a struggle. We’ve had company, made a road trip and waded through tons of rain!

Honey Bunny

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a fun week. Just super full! However, I DID manage to get a  little done.


Easter table

Once I found my new Pioneer Woman placemats, I knew which direction I wanted to go in when I set my table.

This year it’s just us and one of our sons for Easter, so I’m going with a simple table style.

Simple, but fun with lots of navy, hot pink and bunnies!

Easter table setting

You can’t have Easter without a few pieces of chocolate.

I am in love with the carrot umbrellas and the sweet miniature bunnies and lambs.

Not only are they adorable, but they are pretty tasty too!

gas station

We had The Hubs brother and an old friend that we hadn’t seen in over 20 years stay with us Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday was a get caught up, do laundry, clean house day. It rained and rained!

Thursday had us going to Austin, TX for a day trip to see our oldest.

Every time I go to Austin, I am determined to take a picture of this old gas station.

Every time we go I forget to snap a quick picture.

I have always loved all of the vintage signs and decor.

Imagine my dismay when I remembered to take a picture and I find that they had added a “new” sign.

One that isn’t vintage at all! Sigh.

VooDoo mug

Once we hit Austin, our son took us out to a fun lunch follow by desert at VooDoo doughnuts.

Y’all this place is nothing but doughnuts on steroids.

The chocolate one in front with the pretzel sticking out of it is a “voodoo doll”. The pretzel is a “pin”. When you poke it, raspberry filling oozes out! Cute, but nope.

The flavors include Hibiscus, bacon, cereal covered, blueberry, chocolate, cookie covered… the list is endless. Plus, they are HUGE!

Needless to say this girl ordered a plain hibiscus one and called it a day.

If you are ever in Austin on 6th Street this place is a must, if for no other reason than to say you’ve been there!

Check this one off of my bucket list.

Honey Bunny

TGIF! After a morning of errands and a little shopping, the afternoon found me planting my tomato plants, hanging new hummingbird feeders and making Honey Bunnies. Yum, I can’t wait!

Getting ready for Easter hasn’t been easy this year, but my Easter menu is planned and the table is set.

I think that I am finally ready for Easter!

Hopefully, next week I’ll get back into the swing of things and finish up some long overdue projects.

Oh, and I’ll working out like a hamster on a wheel. Gotta get rid of the doughnuts and honey bunnies!

Happy Easter from all of us here at the castle!

Until next time……..



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  1. Hey, keeping Austin weird, right??
    Love those bunnies, carrots & lambs too. I’ve had the bunnies & carrots, but the lambs almost had me in the grocery today! Your table’s adorable.
    Happy Easter, Tammy!

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